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millennium coverage: who's got the edge?

vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
its only three days before the millennium countdown, and right now i'm so excited even if, i won't be anywhere near the two major places, i am eager to see who would come up with a grander, and more entertaining coverage of the worldwide millennium celebration.
will gma finally nail one against abs-cbn or will abs-cbn continue spoiling gma's bid in the next millennium? your guess is as good as mine.
ok, let me give you my idea, as of now, the more hyped up celebration and i think the classier one is in ayala,but the celebration is different from the coverage. Another thing, i think ayala is targetting the a, b and some c crowd,while the fort is mixed, however it is less of an a crowd. Anytime, anyday, most people will pick ayala. i think abs-cbn knows this that is why they are putting up two other gatherings, actually one is sponsored by the DOT and the 2.0 is in partnership with MTV
gma is the official partner to the global celebration, but i dont know if it would cover other celebrations within the country, which abs will do. However, the countries that it would feature looks interesting and the list of artists performing is awesome.
so, what's your pick?


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I've replied to similar topics pertaining to this and my answer remains the same -- I already have tickets to the Ayala celebration and I can't wait to go there.

    Oh, and yeah, a ticket only entitles you to some wine and no food -- I think a lot of people have asked me this question.
  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    ABS has star power which they REALLY used
    All the top politicians were there
    Had good venues
    Ayoko lang yung love songs love teams bit nila...they always do that...

    GMA's strength was their so-called 'tie-up' with BBC which I really never felt. I think their presentation was mediocre, and did u see what paolo bediones and ryan agoncillo were wearing? gosh parang mtv ng petshop boys!!!
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    oo nga, ABS got the great venues, QC circle, the Fort, and Luneta! ang galing! pero I wasn't able to watch most of it! I was outside, jumping!!! :)

    Happy New Year!!!
  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    Didn't get to see much of it since I was at the Ayala Street Party but based on what I saw when I got home, the ABS coverage was better than GMA. Parang BBC talaga yung sa channel 7... boring... I thought I was watching National Geographic.

    Yung sound system sa Ayala hindi rin ganoon ka ganda. It was hard to hear the hosts even when there was no noise yet. Otherwise, the fireworks were great!

    Happy New Year.

  • bitin yung fireworks sa ayala!!! :(

    hehehe...but it was really nice though :)
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well, here r my thoughts
    1. abs scb got star power which they really took advantage of, the ayala-gma party was a bunch of who-the-hell-are-they. advantage: 2
    2. in terms of new coverage, abs got hold of the different celebrations of the different parts of the country, gma sobrang konti. Advantage: 2
    3. fireworks display. well, both fireworks at the fort and ayala was not that spectacular, the one i saw in toronto, canada was the best i've seen. but, what made the difference was the hollogram lake show of the fort. Advantage: 2
    4. worldwide celebration. abs had a lot of booboos here, first, channel 2 did not have much feed from the other parts of the world, and if they did, it was delayed. Studio 23 had a wider array of international celebrations i noticed the mistake of the program wherein they kept on saying that it is thailand yet it has a text saying viet nam with the vietnamese flag waving. gma-ayala was the only celebration in the country which was beamed worldwide, and they had the most number of countries. advantage: 7
    5. hosts and anchors. what a disgrace, even the most experienced hosts bungled in this once-in-a-millennium affair. tina "amazing"arcega is at lost for words, mike enriquez-duh?, paolo bediones, lyn ching,everyone bastardized the occasion. the only shining moment is that of mo, however he looked like he was taking away the spotlight from paolo abrera and trisha chiongbian. i suggest they should not have gotten mo a co-host coz he can handle it all by himself. advantage: neither
    i have still a lot more observations, but definitely abs-cbn was the better one, with a nice opening at the luneta, and a nice ending at the fort. for gma-ayala u don't need a millennium celebration 2 c that kind of show, all u have 2 do is go to gma studio every sunday at 12 pm and watch sop. Oh my, it was broadcasted around the planet, what will they say about us?
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    hi vertigo. if i'm not mistaken, only two parts of the show were seen by the whole world. first, the short video that featured a fiesta like party, and the part when regine sang the song until the countdown.

    i agree with you re: tina arcega... sayang, lost opportunity for her, she could have done better.

    abs-cbn's coverage was showbiz, while gma's was geared towards educating the people about the other countries. (whole coverage, not just the shows)
  • 24/724/7 Member PExer
    i got to appreciate the gma telecast better because they really kept their word of bringing to our screens all the millenium celebrations around the world...sayang yung sa abs-cbn...maganda nga sana yung opening nila...kaya lang that was it...they relied on cnn for the rest...the fort had better concerts...actually i went to ayala around 1:30 and there was nothing there but booths and some people concerts, no really wasn't much of a street party...i was also waiting for the humanity's broadcast ng studio na ba yon? choice would have to be GMA 7...their anchors are really bad...except maybe for luchi cruz valdez and miriam quiambao...but it was a good telecast...they're the ones who showed the celebrations from the first up until the last country to bring in the year 2000!!!
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Who dressed up Bediones and Agoncillo? Nagmukha silang kala-landing lang sa UFO. I liked the ABS-CBN coverage better. The Ayala shindig was too commercial.

    The best coverage would still be CNN's (although wala sa choice ng topic na ito). I really learned a lot about the way other cultures (and not just how they celebrate their new year). They were really global.
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    got this news from the internet, the supposed hooked up with millenium live! humanity's broadcast did not push through since in the first place the link-up of more than 50 countries was cancelled two days before the actual event after advertisers and financers backed out. so what we got were direct feeds from india, canada, thailand and vietnam, because they pledged to air their celebrations like the one in toronto.
    i saw parts of the festivities both in ayala and the fort on TV again, and i must say i did not make a mistake in choosing fort over ayala. (or was it because of the coverage?)
    i agree with u, caramba and 24/7 that in terms of educating the people about the world, gma was the better one, kahit na medyo boring. sayang for abs, they should have exploited the cnn feeds kasi it was really good after seeing the concise version of the coverage earlier. mas entertaining na, educational pa and the anchors really did very well, sana we could train news anchors to be like them, hindi lang yung dindescribe kung ano yung nakikita sa screen, kasi hindi naman tayo bobo para di malaman yon nasa monitor di ba? what we need are info and stories related to what is being shown.

    [This message has been edited by vertigo (edited 01-01-2000).]
  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    I agree with your take on the two coverages although limited lang yung napanood ko.

    I was at Ayala most of the time and I felt like I was in SOP. They could've done a much better job in ushering in the New Century instead of just a variety show. Nahirapan din yata yung mga hosts kasi mahina yung sound system.

    I saw the ABS coverage and it seemed more upbeat. I didn't get to see much of Tina Arcega but I suspect that she's really used to reading and I think the part she played required a lot of spontaneous reaction which doesn't happen in NewsCentral.

    I really was hoping someone would parachute from the sky or a hot air baloon would come landing, para maiba naman yung celebration.

    Oh well, as long as it was a Happy New Year for everyone!

  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    masyado yata akong napaniwala ng GMA na super ok yung kanila, only to find antoinette taus and dingdong dantes commenting on each millennium celeb in each country darn!!!!
  • chez-ochez-o Bollywood Icon PExer
    i wondered why bbc chose gma....boring yun....
    the one in luneta was good....coverage wise, ang galing ng pagkakuha ng abs...feeling mo buong luneta nagglow, aside from d firworks, ang galing ng candles!!!

    sa gma...bediones and agoncillo looked like geeks and antonette taus was...pwede!!!!!!

    the cnn one was great it's ongoing up to now...
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    abs-cbn kasi yung sa gma sobrang boring. Pathetic rin yung parang mga voiceover/dialogues/descriptive talk ng mga hosts sa 7. Para kang aantukin.
  • wolverinewolverine Ang pagbabalik. PExer
    abs-cbn won the first battle of networks for the new millennium. from what i saw on my boobtube, channel two came up with a better program. they had bigger stars who sang LIVE while, gma had stars who lipsynched (tama ba?) their song numbers. pati yung hosts ng gma palpak.

  • ChartreuseChartreuse Registered User PExer
    I was so annoyed at the GMA talents because of the lip-synching. Couldn't they sing live? Anyway, my brother who lives in the US said that all they saw of the Philippines was the fiesta-like clip they showed on Channel 7, Regine's number was not seen all over the US. Thank goodness for that.
  • chez-ochez-o Bollywood Icon PExer
    magalit ba kay regine?

    anyway, she's the (self)proclaimed Asian Songbird...tapos nag lipsynch....duh!!!!!
    ano takot syang mahulog?
    o baka takot siyang maexcite?

    btw, ipakita ba talaga ang napakaoriginal na butterfly tatoo sa likod????
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    all i can remember now was Angelika dela Cruz in a tutu :D
  • archerguyarcherguy Be there. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    4 years ago na pala yun...parang kelan lang. So hindi pala napalabas yung song number ni Regine sa Ayala? We recorded it and right after Regine's number Paolo B and Karen Davila said it was beamed live all over the world (there was even a sign on the screen saying, AYALA CENTER, Manila, Philippines).

    I dunno but I like GMA's coverage better, kasi mas maraming countries ang pinakita on how they would celebrate the new millennium. ABS was all-party.
  • cyberfoxcyberfox Banned By Admin PExer
    Mas magaling ang ABS-CBN! mas maraming nanood na tao sa kanila sa buong mundo!!! documented yun!!

    Saka talagang makikita mo ang hirap at galing ng Pinoy sa ABS-CBN!

    sa GMA naman!!! kung may Cable ka! manood ka na lang ng BBC! kasi preho lang!!

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