[Renamed] The Vagina Monologues Banned in the Ateneo...

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I received this email from a friend. i just wanna ask your opinion about the issue...

Original Message
>From: patrick joseph tiongson <[email protected]>
>To: <[email protected]>
>Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 2:22 PM
>Subject: What's wrong with the VAGINA???
> > Hey, people. This is a MAJOR POLITICAL RANT. If you'd like to
>delete it without reading it, okay, it's you're decisions. But if
>you're in the Ateneo, I'd like you to reconsider. My emotions are at
>a high and my writing isn't really that cohesive, but it's all clear
>and here...
> >
> > I'd like to inform you people of what's happening at our own little
>private "sacred" Jesuit institution of higher learning --- i.e., the
>Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila Univerity (for those who still
>don't know what I'm talking about it's my old university).
> >
> > I have a friend who's a senior Theatre Arts major. He's involved in
>college theatre with Tanghalang Ateneo (the official theatre group of
>the Loyola Schools), as well as in professional theatre with the New
>Voice Company (where he's the resident Assistant Artistic Director).
>(A little backgrounder about NVC: it's Monique Wilson's theatre
>group. Monique Wilson, aside from being one of the more popular and
>mainstream theatre actresses in the country, has the rights for "The
>Vagina Monologues" in Southeast Asia.) Well, back to my friend... He
>was given the rights to do Vagina for FREE (i.e., no royalties
>involved) as part of this campaign, wherein Vagina is staged in
>campuses around the Philippines as a fundraising for women's groups
>(the campaign is called "V-day," I believe.) Weeeeeeeeeell, Rabbi (my
>friend) was asked to stage it at the Ateneo de Manila; being the
>devoted artist and political activist he is, he gladly took the job.
> >
> > He thought that everything would run smoothly. It was a worthy
>campaign. He had already talked to several women to read the
>monologues. He was going to involve women students, faculty members,
>administrators, and alumnae. He had even picked out an internal
>organization that supported battered and abused women and children to
>benefit from the fundraising (for those in the Ateneo, it was
>Tugon). He believed it would gain support from the community. That
>was until it reached the Dean's Office.
> >
> > Dr. Anna Miren Intal, Ph.D. is the Dean for the entire Loyola
>Schools. Obviously, Dean Intal is a female. She took her Ph.D. in
>Princeton, I believe so she supposedly has . She's the end-all and
>be-all of the entire college, and she made her powers felt as she
>effectively derailed the project.
> >
> > In a meeting with Rabbi and a co-Theatre Arts Major (Missy), Dr.
>Intal expressed her apprehension and objection about the project
>because (I'm paraphrasing here) "It goes against the thrust and
>vision of our Jesuit institution." Furthermore, "It might destroy
>the moral fabric of the Ateneo..." (Jeez, you should hear me reinact
>this LIVE for the "lamb-ish" tone she uses!) When asked if she finds
>the word "Vagina" objectionable, she just laughs and says "That
>too..." Missy asked her what in the script she finds objectionable,
>Dr. Intal says, "To tell you the truth, I haven't really read the
>script, but I've seen a lot of Broadway plays that are more
>tasteful..." Rabbi and Missy press her to reconsider, so she gives
>in a little. She says she'd "forward it to the THEOLOGY Department
>for moral evaluation."
> >
> > ?!?!?!!!!!
> >
> > My friends went to their professors (to name a few, Ma'am Benny
>Santos, Sol Reyes, Fr. Nic Cruz, Dr. Ricky Abad) to ask for their
>recommendations for the staging of Vagina. They got it. Rabbi even
>went further by getting recommendations from FORDHAM Universtiy
>(another JESUIT institution in New York City), DePaul University, and
>some other universities abroad. Locally, he was able to get a a
>recommendation from a nun who happens to have a Ph.D. in Theology and
>who happens to be the President of St. Scholastica's College (one of
>the more conservative colleges in the country). He wrote a letter
>to Dr. Intal about how universities like the University of the
>Philippines, De La Salle University, the University of Sto. Tomas,
>and St. Scholastica's have agreed to stage Vagina in their
>campuses. Unfortunately, Dr. Intal did not budge.
> >
> > She said she had to consider the "tens and thousands of students,
>parents, alumni who also have a stake in the Ateneo," and that she
>doesn't want "to be responsible for the thousands of people who will
>flock to the Ateneo in PROTEST" of the staging of Vagina. "I have to
>think like an administrator." She even said that she doesn't want the
>name "Ateneo" to be linked in the project in any way. She said that
>the administration has the trademark "Ateneo" and that she wouldn't
>allow it to be used. She even said she didn't want the students
>involved to say that they were Ateneans. (It was then she hinted of
>a 'lawsuit' if they did.)
> >
> > How lame is that???!!
> >
> > The Ateneo is supposed to be one of the BEST universities in the
>Philippines. It's supposed to be progressive and liberal yet guided
>by Jesuit and Christian values, as it is a Catholic university.
>Still, if you've watched the Vagina Monologues, I ask, what the hell
>is immoral about it???
> >
> > I feel insulted as an Atenean artist. I feel insulted as someone
>who wasted 13++ years of my life in the Ateneo.
> >
> > College is supposedly the time of taking in responsibility, of
>building conviction of one's worth and capability, and of enabling
>one's own judgment to take precedence over mere societal norms. To
>have the head of the college tell you that they do not believe in
>your capability to show such sensitive material in a tasteful way
>debunks everything the school imparted in your stay in the Ateneo.
>To have a high ranking administrator let her own PERSONAL beliefs and
>biases supercede an objective analysis of such a small think like a
>play makes one doubt about her capacity to decide for other major
>matters. Moreover, to have the Dean no less show her true personal
>leaning for the ALUMNI and the PARENTS (who pay the tuition and give
>the donations) rather than to the STUDENTS that they take care and
>supposedly nurture to full potential is a pathetic display of
>displaced priorities. When will the administration fight for the
> >
> > What will happen to Vagina?
> >
> > We are still staging it. We're going to do it with or without the
>administration's help. We're staging it in The Strip in front of the
>Ateneo. We're not going to claim it's a production supported by the
>Ateneo, but they can't prevent us from calling ourselves Ateneans.
>Sue us if they want, they can threaten my friend with expulsion or
>even prevent them from graduating --- but someone's got to stand up.
>It's about time someone rocked the boat.
> >
> > For the Ateneans: we're considering launching the "What's wrong
>with my Vagina?" campaign in the Ateneo. We'd like to ask your help
>and VOCAL (nonpassive) support in this cause. Dr. Intal presumes to
>speak for all the college students in her conservative position; we'd
>like to prove her wrong. We're also considering getting media
>attention so if anyone could help, kindly talk to me about it.
> >
> > If anyone has any suggestions or kind comments, just e-mail me and
>I'll be sure to let Rabbi and the rest of the Fine Arts majors know.
> >
> > Sorry for the lengthy e-mail. But thanks for reading it. :)
> >
> >
> > Pat
> >
> >
> > PS: This is kinda BIG for the Fine Arts seniors as they ARE the
>first batch of graduates in the program. Let's help them go out in
>style. ;)
> >
> >
> > To see yourself as the world sees you may be very brave, but it can
>be very foolish. Why should you accept the world's view of you as a
>weak-willed neurotic - better dead than alive?
> >
> > What right have they to judge?
> >
> > To judge you, they must have the capacity to feel as you feel. And
>who has? One in a thousand.
> >
> > You alone know how unequal the battle has always been that your
>will has had to fight.
> >
> > --- Terence Rattigan in The Deep Blue Sea


  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    This Intal lady might have something going on in her vagina. Or probably her sexual sensations are not yet transferred to her vagina. I hope a sexually-aroused male fly does her panocha some trick.

    The Vagina Monologues is such a spirited, powerful, and brave production meant to show perversion of feminism, liberate women from repression, and abhor violence against women. It is so multifaceted that even men will have an opportunity to see through and understand the clockwork of vaginas, err, women's psyche. :)

    Thank God, I graduated from the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas where the arts grow luxuriantly.

    [email protected]!
  • > >Subject: [qk97] Problema sa Puki
    > >Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:26:55 +0800 (PHT)
    > >
    > >Friends and Lovers,
    > >
    > >Dalawang beses ko natanggap sa mailbox ko ang sulat ng isang Atenista
    > tungkol
    > >sa pagpapalabas ng "Vagina Monologues" Ateneo. Gusto ko mang hintayin
    > ang stand
    > >ng administrasyon ng ADMU tungkol sa isyung ito, naghihisterya na ang
    > kepyas ko
    > >sa nababalitaan kong pagbabawal ng nasabing dula sa ADMU.
    > >
    > >Nagdadalawang-isip akong magtaray sa e-mail na ito dahil hindi pa
    > malinaw sa
    > >akin ang "opisyal" na dahilan ng pagbabawal ng pagtatanghal ng "Usapang
    > Puki"
    > >sa kampus. Bukod sa "major political rant" sa e-mail, sa chika ni Danton
    > Remoto
    > >sa labas ng De la Costa, at bulung-bulungan sa loob at labas ng Ateneo,
    > wala pa
    > >akong nababasang memo o anumang klaseng statement galing sa Vice
    > President's
    > >Office. (Oo nga pala, correction kay Miss Major Political Rant, Vice
    > President
    > >ng Loyola Schools si Dr. Intal at hindi Dean.)
    > >
    > >Ang tsismis, ayaw raw ng admi ang salitang "puki." Mga babae pa naman
    > ang
    > >umaayaw. Balita ko rin, dahilan din daw na "hindi pa handa ang mga
    > Atenista"
    > >para sa dulang may ganitong pamagat o paksa.
    > >
    > >Dahil wala pang official statement, magtatanong na lang ako kaysa
    > magtaray:
    > >
    > >Makakatulong kaya kung "Usapang Kepyas" ang ipapalit sa pamagat? Kung
    > ayaw pa
    > >rin nila, "Usapang Labia" o kaya "Labia sa Labia" (Naku, baka
    > maeskandalo naman
    > >sila sa homoeroticism.) "Usapang Flower" for that botanical effect.
    > "Usapang
    > >Pechay" for the vegetarians. "Usapang Mani" pampatalino kahit nakaka-
    > >pimple. "Usapang Puday" kaya o "Usapang Pekpek"? Masyadong jologs;
    > walang
    > >glamour. "Usapang Hiyas." Para nga lang "Gatas sa Dibdib ng Kaaway"
    > meets
    > >Miladay jewels. Pangit.
    > >
    > >Pero itago man ang PUKI sa kung anong pangalan--puday, pechay, mani,
    > sitaw,
    > >bataw, patani--hindi pa rin maitatagong takot ang ilan sa
    > administrasyong
    > >Ateneo sa ari ng babae. Ano ba ang nakakahiya sa puki? Ako, may puki.
    > Nanay ko,
    > >may puki (tatay ko wala). Lahat ng babae may puki at ang puki ang
    > dahilan kung
    > >bakit kami tinawag na babae at hindi bakla. (Kahit naman mga bakla,
    > hindi
    > >papayag na sabihing mga lalaki silang gusto ng puki). Pero nagkapuki man
    > ako,
    > >eh, hindi dahil tinanggalan ako ng **** at naiwan ang isang butas sa
    > pagitan ng
    > >mga binti ko. In other words, WALANG DAPAT IKAHIYA SA PUKI. Hindi man
    > ako
    > >makakasigaw ng "puki n'yong lahat!" sa loob ng simbahan o kahit sa loob
    > ng
    > >klasrum, alam kong may karapatan akong sabihin na "I have a ***** and
    > I'm proud
    > >of it" sa mga lugar, okasyon at larangan na puwede kong ipagmalaki ito.
    > Tulad
    > >ng pagsusulat sa diyaryo at libro. Tulad ng pagtatanghal sa teatro.
    > >
    > >Ang puki mismo ang binabawi ng mga babae mula sa pag-aangkop at
    > objektifikasyon
    > >ng media at negosyo. Mula puki (katawan) hanggang pamahalaan (sistema)
    > nananaig
    > >ang pakikibakang feminista. Nagsisimula ang kapangyarihan ng kababaihan
    > sa
    > >kalayaang gumalugad ng sarili niyang katawan. Paano ko maibibigay ang
    > katawan--
    > >o puking--hindi ko angkin? Kung hindi ko masabi ang salitang "puki" baka
    > naman
    > >mahirapan pa akong maghugas nito dahil bawal din itong hawakan.
    > >
    > >Okey, nagtataray na ako. Tungkol naman sa kahandaan ng Atenista: meron
    > lang
    > >akong ilang tanong--sino ba ang Atenista? ang administrasyon? ang mga
    > guro at
    > >staff? ang mga estudyante? Kung may isang pangkat ng mga estudyanteng
    > >nagplanong magtanghal ng "Vagina Monologues" at may mga guro at
    > estudyanteng
    > >nag-audition, hindi pa ba masasabing handa ang Atenista? Kung may mga
    > guro,
    > >estudyante at administrador na na nakapagbasa na ng libro o nakapanood
    > ng dula,
    > >masasabi pa bang hindi pa handa ang Atenista?
    > >
    > >Isa pa, paano ba "maghanda" sa ganitong dula kundi sa pamamagitan ng
    > pagiging
    > >bukas dito at panonood ng mga ito? Kung walang maglalathala, paano
    > mababasa,
    > >paano tayo magiging handa? Kung walang magtatanghal, paano mapapanood,
    > paano
    > >tayo maihahanda? Kumbaga, wala pa akong nakikilalang natutong lumangoy o
    > >magbisikleta nang hindi lumusong sa tubig o sumakay ng bisikleta.
    > >
    > >Nabasa ko ang ilang bahagi ng "Vagina Monologues" at narinig ko na rin
    > ang
    > >reviews ng mga tao tungkol sa dula, hindi ko makita kung bakit tatawagin
    > >itong "bastos" o "indecent." Walang bastos sa pagkilala, pag-angkin at
    > pag-uwi
    > >sa sariling katawan. Walang indecent sa pagkilala sa karapatan bilang
    > babae at
    > >paglalantad ng mga pang-aabuso sa mga kababaihan--sa panitikan man o
    > lipunan.
    > >Bilang babae, ang pagsisikap na maipalabas at mapanood ang "Vagina
    > Monologues"
    > >o "Usapang Puki" sa kampus ang pinakadisente, pinakamoral at pinaketikal
    > na
    > >kilos para sa kababaihan (at kalalakihan na rin) ng panahong ito.
    > >
    > >Puki ko, mahal ko,
    > >
    > >Filipino Department
    > >School of Humanities
    > >Ateneo de Manila University
    > >Loyola Heights, Quezon City
    > >1108 Philippines
    > >(Phone) +632.4266001 loc. 5320
    > >(Fax) +632.4266001 loc. 5321
  • > > This is an expression of sympathy for fellow
    > artists
    > > who find the integrity of their work put to
    > > question:
    > >
    > > Can an Ateneo administrator stop students from
    > > promoting The Vagina Monologues in their own
    > campus?
    > > The day she can is the day a single person can
    > place
    > > herself above the fundamental, inalienable rights
    > of
    > > man.
    > > Sec. 4 of the Bill of Rights reads: “No law shall
    > be
    > > passed abridging the freedom of speech, of
    > > expression, or of the press…”
    > > When teachers suspended an 8-year old boy for
    > > wearing a black armband to school in protest of
    > the
    > > Vietnam War, the Supreme Court of the United
    > States
    > > admonished: “[Students do not] shed their
    > > constitutional rights to freedom of speech or
    > > expression at the schoolhouse gate…
    > > [Intercommuication among the students] is not only
    > > an inevitable part of the process of attending
    > > school; it is also an important part of the
    > > educational process.” Tinker v. Des Moines, 393 US
    > > 503 (1969).
    > > When a Philippine university suspended student
    > > leaders after a rally against the merger of two
    > > programs, our Supreme Court reiterated these same
    > > immortal words. Malabanan v. Ramento, 129 SCRA 359
    > > (1984).
    > > What grounds can the Ateneo have to supplant the
    > law
    > > of the land?
    > > Academic freedom and the university mission
    > > statement is one. But, what freedom can trample
    > upon
    > > the freedom of another, much less impose a
    > disputed
    > > standard of morality wholesale on an entire
    > > studentry? Orwellian thought control is not in the
    > > curriculum.
    > > That the Ateneo is private property is another.
    > > However, because thousands of students enter the
    > > campus each day and make it their second home, the
    > > campus has a public nature. While a student needs
    > > the Vice-President’s permission to stick a poster
    > > onto her office door, does he now need it to speak
    > > before a cafeteria crowd or write a small
    > > announcement on the side of a blackboard?
    > > Morality is still another, though hardly a legal
    > > ground. Yet, every man is entitled to form his own
    > > conscience. Can it be said that although Ateneans
    > > are old enough to vote, to marry and raise
    > children,
    > > and to bear arms and die for their country, they
    > > cannot possibly watch a play without Dr. Tina
    > > Astorga to tell them when to cover their eyes and
    > > ears?
    > > What is not a ground, however, is that the play
    > > might be in bad taste. Men are free to speak their
    > > ideas, even tasteless or stupid ones. Who, after
    > > all, is so all-knowing that she can declare them
    > > tasteless and stupid before her community makes up
    > > its mind?
    > > The most the Ateneo can do is bar the performers
    > > from school facilities, strip their organization
    > of
    > > accreditation, or stop them from using the Ateneo
    > > name, but any PoS 100 student knows that this
    > would
    > > be whimsical, illegal, and decidedly un-Atenean.
    > > My alma mater trumpeted its support of the
    > > Constitution with great passion and vigor at the
    > > height of EDSA II. How sad that after the media
    > > cameras have turned away and life has returned to
    > > its ordinary routine, it becomes obvious that the
    > > Ateneo had no idea what it fought for.
    > > How different is this issue of vaginas from the
    > > censorship of Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas and
    > > Schindler’s List, the suppression of college
    > papers,
    > > Ferdinand Marcos’s xeroxed warrants of arrest, the
    > > military trial of Ninoy Aquino, the declaration of
    > > Martial Law, apartheid and racial segregation,
    > > slavery, and Hitler’s extermination of the Jews?
    > > To the Constitution, it is but a matter of degree.
    > >
    > > Sincerely,
    > > Oscar Tan
    > > BS Management Engineering / AB Economics Honors
    > ‘01
    > > Former Asst. Instructor, School of Management,
    > > Loyola Schools
    > > Freshman, University of the Philippines College of
    > > Law
  • pyketpyket valley boi PExer
    SUX2BU: hindi naman boo sa buong Ateneo. sa Administration lang na hindi kayang buksan ang isipan sa isang bagay tulad ng "puki".

    in my opinion, the banning of the staging of TVM or Usapang Puki is a direct threat as well to the sovereignty or independence of the arts in the Ateneo. do ALL of the plays that the various theatre groups in the Ateneo need to pass through a screening committee now? Will nudity or sex onstage raise another resounding ruckus in offices of the hallowed Xavier Hall? If ENTAblado or TA or blueREP or the Fine Arts classes decide to put up a play sexual in nature, would the administration ban that too? Lysistrata is a classic Greek play about women who withhold sex from their officer husbands thereby stopping a war (read the play na lang, i don't want to put a synopsis here). Would the staging of the Greek classic be unmounted once the admin hears about it?

    Situations such as these make you think: doesn't the administration trust its students to put up a play such as these? We're talking about the first batch of Fine Arts majors wanting to mount TVM for a noble cause. Does this mean that the administration feels that the BFA program failed to teach these students how to be responsible for the "art" that they dare to create? Does it also mean that all the theology and philosophy (and the other core subjects) failed to impart to their students how to discern with moral from immoral, right from wrong?

    wake up and smell the coffee, ateneo. we need a lot more growing up. and yes, the administration included...

    PS: my mistake... VP nga si Intal.

    slightly OFF-TOPIC: vagina... <---- gusto ko lang malaman kung sine-censor ng PEx ang salitang ito (ingless ng puki). kung sinensor man. BAKIT? bastos ba? kung hindi sinensor, panalo ang PEx. :D
  • AliAli Teacher. PExer
    Originally posted by pyket
    SUX2BU: do ALL of the plays that the various theatre groups in the Ateneo need to pass through a screening committee now? Will nudity or sex onstage raise another resounding ruckus in offices of the hallowed Xavier Hall? If ENTAblado or TA or blueREP or the Fine Arts classes decide to put up a play sexual in nature, would the administration ban that too? Lysistrata is a classic Greek play about women who withhold sex from their officer husbands thereby stopping a war (read the play na lang, i don't want to put a synopsis here). Would the staging of the Greek classic be unmounted once the admin hears about it?

    Strictly, only recognized orgs (ACT, Dulaang Sibol, TBT, TA, ENTABLADO) may stage plays carrying the name of Ateneo. Blue Rep, for instance, still doesn't carry the Ateneo name. No screening committee exists.

    TA staged Lysistrata in 1997/98. The set featured a huge vagina/gate surrounded by massive penis columns. The guys even wore meter-long artificial bouncing erections. Twelfth Night was much tamer, but no less charged.

    Enta's recent offerings featured at least 3 plays with prostitutes, a lesbian kissing scene (or love scene ba yun). Pretty tame, but still worthy of mention, considering Enta's a SOA org (devoted to a Catholic and Ignatian Social Vision).

    In all cases, no outcry from the Ateneo.

    But they censored a MEA activity because the poster featured a DRAWING of a woman with an exposed navel.

    Tapos, they initially allowed the org fair to be called OrgAssem, then ordered the posters recalled, and slapped a disclaimer on the publications, which had nothing naughtier than org officers swathed in sheets.

    Weird, ano?

    Just random comments on how inconsistent and confused the state of freedom of expression is in the Ateneo...
  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    Ang gulo mo naman pyket, sabi mo 'wag boo sa buong ateneo, tapos "wake up and smell the coffee, ateneo".

    This action by some ateneo administrators should also serve as warning to the whole ateneo community. Sinisikil na ang karapatan n'yong ipamahagi ang kagalingan ng arte.

    Ang ipinapagtaka ko lang naman eh, palagi n'yo kasing pinamumukha na well-rounded university kayo pero sa kailaliman pala ng sistema n'yo eh may amag na nagtatago. :)
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    and what can you say about UST's decision to reject Alma Concepcion? this was a far bigger boo-boo, IMHO. for the very first time, a girl with both beauty and brains applied in that creeky old institution, and happened? she was turned down. it figures.

  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    You mean Alma Concepcion is an artful person? Don't tell me you can't still distinguish art from trash? Wow. :wow2:
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    come to think of it, i hardly see any difference. go with the beauty part then. UST still lost out in that respect.

  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    Ah, just like saying UP is trash?
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    maybe. many outsiders say UP is trash. trouble with them is, they don't bother to ask UPians whether or not they give a rat's a_s about it.
  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    You see, another fine thread ruined?
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by SUX2BU
    Thank God, I graduated from the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas where the arts grow luxuriantly.

    [email protected]!
    you're not blaming me, are you?

  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    I'm blaming ateneo, silly.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
  • jairjair struggling PExer
    going bacj to the more important and relevant topic: i think that the admisnistrators are being narrow-minded... i heard that the jesuits allowed it but intal and astorga (of the theo dept) didn't... very disappointing!
  • pyketpyket valley boi PExer
    getting things back on track after a freaky exchange between a UPian and someone from UST:

    the TVM production crew is still looking for a staging venue. we've decided against the strip since there's a whole boycott thing going on there. i'll update the interested people when more information comes in.

    to mac and sux: c'mon guys. you're ruining the thread. this isn't being helpful at all. or is helping out far from your intentions?
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    first of all, i'd like to know more about this TVM, not so much for catchy name (kinda un-flattering). who were the authors, where are they based, what media have they used so far?

    and most important, what the hell is it about?
  • Originally posted by pyket
    the TVM production crew is still looking for a staging venue. we've decided against the strip since there's a whole boycott thing going on there. i'll update the interested people when more information comes in.
    wat boycott???
  • SUX2BUSUX2BU Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by mac_bolan00
    first of all, i'd like to know more about this TVM, not so much for catchy name (kinda un-flattering). who were the authors, where are they based, what media have they used so far?

    and most important, what the hell is it about?

    Mister Geezer is not reading the posts. Feck.

    OK, it is an Eve Ensler play (used to be a one-woman play deviced via monologues), staged in the US during the mid 90s, dealing with vaginas as victims of repression, oppression, violence, pervading feminism, and as being manipulated by men. It was based on hundreds of interviews done by Ensler among women about what they think about their vaginas. It is actually controversial but critics are raving about its unconventional treatment of what women think about sex, men, and what their vaginas really crave for with political, social, and cultural overtones and undertones. It is highly spunky, that I was able to realize and understand more about women's passions, emotions and wants via their vaginas as the "naggers" this time. It has won an Obie (Off-Broadway) award. I personally love it, so you should watch it. :)

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