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your favorite Montero...

Troy,KC or Colby????
or ALL of them?? *drool* :)


  • What a hard question!

    Troy for his looks, KC for his personality. Haven't seen Colby yet. :)
  • er, i guess this isn't a mitsubishi thread??
  • There is much to life than figuring out which of the Monteros is cutest or what not. They have not done anything well substantial or important yet, except for looking good.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    All of them! :D

    Grumpy: LOL, showing your age ba? :)

    asterisk: True, but we're not in the Isyu ng Bayan forum anyway.

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  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Troy! My first impression of KC wasn't exactly the best so I never really liked him.

    Too bad Troy is uh, you know... :(
  • hmm there's this thing about KC...i've seen him one too many times in person but he's not exactly as hot as Troy but he has personality. too bad, my friends tell me na he thinks he's all that..and hmm, turn off...sometimes too hip hop for me...but i'd still pick him over Troy..Troy is just too gwapo...parang dapat super duper drop dead gorgeous ako to be with this guy..and yah heard all those gay rumors...last time i saw him he was hanging out with some gay directors in malate....maybe he's just friendly(denial stage? hehehe) colby is not gwapo at all..hehe so i don't like him :D tapos i saw them last year in Kris Aquino's show, he kinda looks duh..eek :D
  • Peps: i've heard all those bading rumors pero you naman here sa pinas,eh...basta gwapo,bading...there's even this rumor na ryan agoncillo's bisexual...so i guess i just don't wanna believe the rumor..o baka i'm just in denial!! :( :)
    i never really liked colby pero when i saw him sa coke commercial (this is john...)parang ang cute niya don :)i've seen KC so many times. i even saw him and troy together sa mars...he's cute talaga.actually favorite ko sha,probably for the personality.medyo naoold-an nako kay Troy kc,eh :)
  • troy is not bading. kasama ko yung magkapatid madalas nung summer sa manila. si troy tahimik lang talaga, si kc ang makulit! pero mas madalas si kc yung kasama ko. kalog din yang si kc, i remember once sa ateneo nagpunta kami ni kc and his cousin, us three, biglang kinausap ako nung mga chicks na di namamansin dati. dante!dante! pakilala mo ako kay kc!!! kainis!! hahahahahahaha :) pero totoong mabait yung magkapatid! madalas pa nga kaming nililibre eh! :) heheeh. hmmm this christmas, kitakits ulit kami paguwi ko :)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    So dantedawg...can I go with you? I'm willing to ride kahit sa trunk man lang ng car mo..*makes byutipul eyes* ;)

  • yeah, i remember that kris episode with all 3 monteros + their mom ... i saw it & thought, "these guys r sweet" ... abt 7-8 hrs later, i saw troy using a payphone but i didn't realize it was him ... so i stared while trying to remember the name of this familiar-looking cute guy then our eyes caught & it hit me that he looked familiar bcoz i saw him on tv! ... there, shared my most embarrassing moment last yr ;)

    pero ryan agoncillo pa rin ako *loyal fans' club president* hehehe
  • ira and peps,
    ira sige ba! pero im not going sa eb eh, dec 18 pa ako uuwi. pero sure yun magkikita kami kasi he's the cousin of my bestfriend. mas close kami kay kc kasi si troy parang may ibang mundo (matanda na kasi) hehehe. anyway, sana magka eb pa before ako makabalik dito sa states so i can meet you guys(ill try to bring kc). :)
  • Mitsubishi Montero??? :)

    Di ba made-deport na yang mga yan?
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    dantedawg: PEx EB?? Easily arranged! *bribes her co-moderators*

    I can see it now....puro mga babae lang pupunta sa EB, all clutching papers, pens and lacy undies with telephone numbers written on them. :D
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Ira: Count me in! Let's plan it as early as now. Let's hold it somewhere private so we can charge an entrance fee and earn PEx some moolah. ;)

    Dantedawg: Hey, maybe you can ask KC and Troy to post in PEx.
  • ada: nyah, sa tingin mo may time pa yung mga yun internet? di ko matandaan kung may computer sila sa house eh. madalas gimmick non movies lang, billiards minsan. :)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Ada: Private sa house ko. Malapit pa locations natin! Or we can have a private poolside party dito rin. That way we can see them in swimtrunks. *wiggles her brows and leers* :D Pero akin na si Troy, ha?

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  • Ira: pwede bang sumama jan sa eb na yan???
    Dantedawg:rly???? uwi ka na...bilis now na :)
    Peps: ur from antipolo?? i am 2!! diba u wanna borrow my propaganda cd??
  • anna, two weeks pa eh.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Anna_D: Shur! :D Imagine...the Montero brothers in swimsuits! *faints*
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