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Tooth root breaking through gums?!

Hello! Sorry I'm really new here kasi. But jt really concerns me since a few hours.

My case is I got braces for 4 years now. And it seem na matatapos na siya very soon. But for longer observation now, *** 2 front teeth pumapaleng bigla to the right ng konti. And habang I observe ng observe ng mas madalas, napansin ko palang na on my left side sobrang naka bukol na pala *** gums ko, as in kapag hinahawakan ko siya matulis *** pinaka taas (dahil sa root ng tooth through the gums)

Should I worry about this? I see sa fb paminsan minsan horrible pictures of DIY braces which broke tooth out of their gums pa (but mine is not DIY)

I hope someone could advise me what to do? Tuesday pa earliest day ng clinic hours niya ..


  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ It would be best to return to your treatment provider and have your teeth checked. X-rays might help, both a peri-apical and a new panoramic x-ray.

    I will eventually merge this with the Braces thread at some point.
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