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Miss Universe 2016 - A Playoff Prediction

15 Gorgeous Miss Universe 2016 Candidates – A Playoff Prediction


Find time to spend reviewing on the Miss Universe 2016 Top 15 Playoff Prediction

From departure to Manila arrival photos, candid shots, group pictures, videos, Cebu swimwear photo shoot and hotel show, special events invitations, and welcome dinner, here's our playoff list of Miss Universe 2016 favorites who we think HAVE BEEN PERFORMING WELL since the competition got off. Some girls who we predicted to place are not in our list anymore, and some who were not in our radar are now shaking our seismograph. So, let's take a look at who we picked (random):

:):):) Thailand - Chalita Suansane


Chalita, chalita, you are so divine. Goddess-look, seraphic, roguish at the same time cutesy. She is the kind of the girl that MUO will definitely pick. We're having her in the list because she can never be ignored. At first, we thought of her as lack of personality and timid, but her recent candid shots proved us wrong.

More review about Chalita at http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Nicaragua - Marina Jacoby


We've loved this international model bombshell since she was crowned as Miss Nicaragua. Her girl-next-door aura makes her a real standout amongst others. She looks sweet and cushy. Her light aesthetic features are phenomenal. We have never seen a single photo or a video of her where she looked terrible--NONE!

She even blew us away in ... http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Venezuela - Mariam Habach


A goddess that has an authentic passion in providing beautiful smiles. Despite her striking model-isque features, she has this snuggly aura which is remarkably peculiar to nearly all South American models. Her Venezuelan look is like http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Spain - Noelia Freire


We didn't notice her until she arrived in Manila. She's probably one of the few ladies who detonated a bomb. She came out prepared and geared up.
She looked tremendously striking in ALL her candid shots. Let her videos and photos speak for her. She has never failed us since she came. The best feature that we noticed in her is her jawline;they do not resemble any one'shttp://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Sierra Leone - Hawa Kamara


Oh gee! A history maker in her country. The first ever to represent her beautiful republic of Sierra Leone. She is more than what we expected of her to deliver. She is way better than we thought. When we had the complete list of candidates, she never grabbed our attention. But when she set foot in the Philippines, that's when she started rising like an African Phoenixhttp://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Philippines - Maxine Medina


She had been bashed to death even her sporty runway physique mirrored on her beauty; had been labelled dry and plain-old-doll-looking. Many had cursed her and predicted that she's never gonna place up until she came out weeks before the Miss Universe fever commenced. She slapped all her bashers with respect; a big slap of respect and adoration. Her transformation was phantasmagoric; she came out very strong, and now pageant fans' support on her http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Brazil - Raissa Santana

For the past few years, Brazil placed once back in the roster of famous candidates. But when we take a look at this country's performance in MU history,Brazil indeed belongs to the top-10 powerhouse countries. The reason why we are pointing this out is because there's a big chance that this year's representative is going to place. Aside from her outstanding performance in the http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Mexico - Kristal Silva
She's still in our list even though we didn't get the exact expectation we had from her since she was crowned Miss Universe Mexico. Yeah, she is a full time dreamer in the pageantry. She's been swinging back and forth in our pageant seismograph. But we loved her stunt in http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Great Britain - Jaime-Lee Faulkner
There is no way in hell that she's not gonna make it. Her contagious bubbly personality Performance-wise, she did a pretty good job; far from the previous reps of Great Britain. Her glam shot looked tremendously impressive. And oh, she was way off the charts during the http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Barbados - Erin Brady

She got a pretty face--one of the prettiest for sure, and she's giving it all. A Barbadian lady is like one of the daughters of Zeus in Mount Olympus. Nearly all of her candid shots were outstanding. She did very well in the swimsuit photo shoot, many ladies love her, and she's representing the most powerful country in http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Belgium - Stephanie Geldhof
We got an inside scoop that this one of the youngest contestants. Many commented that she is one of the most loved candidates in the competition this year. And we know why she is. Right from the time that we saw her acrobatic gymnastics stunt, we knew that she has a very strong and powerful personality. She might not be as gorgeous as the others, but darn, she got thehttp://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Colombia - Andrea Tovar
Some thought she is a revenge maker this year. Who can forget her staggering staging in the runway and her presence in most special events? We assessed that she got all these chances because she happens to be the 'talk-of-the-town girl', but she's really proving http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Turkey - Tansu Sila Cakir
A Barbie face with a body shape that you won't stop blinking your eyes. At first, we thought she's just one of the participants who completes the number of Miss Universe candidates, but darn, she has become the perfect example of a performer. She started off with http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Argentina - Estefania Bernal
We first fell in love with Estefania in her look. We thought she's just one of the pretty faces, but when she started laying her cards out, we finally made our bets on her. She's really been grappling a spot, and we finally decided that she deserves one. She's one of those who surprised us. She was never in our radar; not even in our prediction list. The only thing that we arehttp://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/

Puerto Rico - Brenda Jimenez
O, Brenda. We will never ever forget you in the list. Yes, we almost lost her chances of being in the roster, but we could not ignore how Brenda has become a topic in all pageant sites. The support she's getting from her fans is really heartwarming, and the number of http://www.msuniversepageant.org/miss-universe-2016-top-15-playoff-prediction/


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