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Natalie Portman simply DIVINE

Anyone who has seen Phantom Menace has surely noticed this regal, elegant and simply beautiful young actress named Natalie Portman. Unfortunately for many of her ardent fans and admirers, there's not much movies around showcasing her talent and beauty. And there's not much information out there either about her. So Natalie fans speak up and give as much information about her as you can.


  • wolverine
    wolverine Ang pagbabalik.
    i first saw natalie portman in the movie "the professional". she was just a kid then, pero ang ganda na nya. she played a girl who falls in love with her neighbor who happens to be an assasin. medyo weird yung story kasi nain-love din yung mamang assasin... but still, it's a great movie.

    then, i saw her play another kid who has a crush on one of the men in the film "beautiful women. this time, konti lang ang scenes nya.

    tapos, napanood ko nga yung episode one... sabi ko may kamukha tong si queen amidala. ang ganda nya kasi e... i was surprised to find out that this was the pretty litte girl from the movie "the professional"... i remember joking with my friends,"alagaan natin yang bata na yan at pag laki nyan ang ganda nyan!". true enough, she has blossomed to be one of the most beautiful faces in hollywood.
  • Nix, help me on this...didn't we read an article on her in Time? Anyway, she's a really intelligent girl. She's a writer and has won competitions, I think.
  • nix
    nix Administrator
    Yeah, she wrote something on Anne Frank and it was very good. She's also a Harvard Student now.
  • CaRaMBa
    CaRaMBa Administrator
    Wow, beauty and brains. Any feedback on her personality? I hope she's not like Claire Danes...
  • According to a friend of mine, she's one studious lady. I heard that while she was filming Episode I, she brought along her books and homework and while she was not doing anything would go into a vacant room to study. Seems like the ideal girl to me, don't you think so? :)
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