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Hisuite Android Smart Device Manager

Following up the above mentioned HiSuite update, I’m gonna share what is HiSuite in depth.
HiSuite is a tool for managing Huawei smart devices running on an Android system (including both phones and tablets). HiSuite should be installed in a computer before using, then you can easily manage phone data and applications in this computer.


Some useful website links for you:
Download Website:http://consumer.huawei.com/minisite/HiSuite_en/
User Guide:http://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/tkb/#!tkbv2/resource/document/showDetail.html?resourceId=354385

USB Debugging
Before connecting your device to the HiSuite app on your computer, you need to enable USB Debugging first.
1. Go to*Settings > About phone > touch*Build number*several times until a message appears saying that you are already a developer as shown in the following figure.
2. Return to the*Settings screen > touch*Developer options> check Developer options and USB debugging*and touch to turn it on.
3. Note: On some devices, once USB debugging is enabled, the following message appears. Check ”Always allow from this computer”, and touch*OK. Your device then connects with the computer.


Data Export Function
Once you have establish connection between your device & the app, you can import or export any files you want, contacts & messages access or backup your device.
Example How to Export files: My Device> Pictures> Select the objects>Export> Choose the storage address> Ok


Example How to Backup: Home>Back Up>Select the file >Back Up
If the backup file needs to be encrypted, after click Back Up, enter a password and a password hint and click*OK*to start backup. If the file does not need to be encrypted, click*Skip.


Example How to Restore: Home>Restore>Select the backup data package>Restore
The progress bar is displayed until the data restoration completed.


Hope this is useful! Seems to work fine with my P8 lite. Peace!


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