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Killer resumes and acing the job interviews | Q & A Tips (S1)

abcxyzabcxyz PExer
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killer resumes and acing the job interview for new graduates

to be honest, this is how i go through resumes of new graduates. if at any one step, the resume does not match the criteria, i junk the resume and the person does not get a call for an interview :

1) read cover letter - needs to grab me
2) good school? good school reputation?
3) check major - fit for the job?
4) check school activities - look for leadership roles and achievements (most important, actually)
5) good grades? (the least of my concerns, actually)

for interviews ---- looking for the following :

1) confidence
2) verbal communication skills - communicating his/her ideas, persuasiveness, correct grammar a must
3) quality of ideas and opinions (important!)
4) ability to handle pressure - i ask tough questions
5) being late for the interview and not dressing well for the interview is an automatic delete!


  • Hello peeps, Just wanna ask you to post some of the interview Quesions that you usually encountered and the you respective responses... To start,

    1) Why should I hire you?
    2) What are your strengths?
    3) Why do you leave your current Job?
    4) Describe yourself 5 years from now...
    5) Are you a good leader or a good follower?
    6) What is the role of a true leader?
    7) What can you contribute to the company?

    Need youranswers regarding this questions and if you have interview Questions in mind just popst it here so that PEX will have an idea on facing there interviewers.
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    What's your personal vision/mission/objective? How can we make your work in this company harmonize with that?

    If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be?
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Here's a great article from Fast Company: http://www.fastcompany.com/online/35/ideazone.html

    with this:

    Colleen Aylward, Web recruiter extraordinaire, has created all kinds of tactics to attract and to evaluate talent. And she's heard just about every interview question ever asked. Here are 10 questions that she believes will always get you the information that you need.

    Take me through a time when you took a product or a project from start to launch.

    Describe the way that you work under tight deadlines.

    Describe how you work under tough managers.

    What is your definition of working too hard?

    Persuade me to move to your city.

    How do you manage stress?

    What kinds of opportunities have you created for yourself in your current position?

    In a team environment, are you a motivator, a player, a leader, or an enthusiast?

    In the past three years, what part of your professional skill set have you improved the most?

    If you were a new employee, what would you do to gain respect from peers in 30, 60, or 90 days?

  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ... wow galing naman ni PePs! I haven't interviewed anyone in a long long time...
  • hi peeps! i just wanna know so i would be prepare. i guess this topic will be of help to others too. tnx for your replies.
  • INTERVIEWER: Say something about yourself. (or: Sell yourself to me. Convince me that you would be an asset to this company.) (Better still, initiate the discussion. Do not wait to be asked.) (Years back, my comment to the statement was… “Well, I am hardworking, I have confidence in myself and in what I do, but had I been a little more intelligent I could have graduated a Summa ***** Laude of the University of the Philippines. … I got the job.) (My classmate who was a Magna ***** Laude to the question “How come you wish to join a small compny like ours?” replied “I want to give you company a chance?”. He was not hired. But he is now working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the US.)

    INT.: Do you read the newspapers? What is the headline today? How significant is that to you? (for applicants to supervisory positions or higher)


    Best: Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes.
  • to add to the ones of mariner,

    when i had interviews before, the questions were usually:
    -what are your strengths and weaknesses.
    -what do you know about our company.
    -where do you see yourself 5, 10 years from now...what is your career path?

    there was actually even one group who asked me about my relationship with my parents, relationship with my friends and they gave me some situationers also, probably some psychological tests of some sort hehehe :)

    hmm...ano pa ba? i'll get back to you later heeheh :)
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the five dumbest questions and suggested answers:

    1. are you used to working under pressure?

    all the time. i notice the people here look relaxed and rested.

    2. do you get along well with other people?

    oh yes. i used to maintain at least 5 social circles in college, not including my fraternity, which is banned.

    3. you finished course 1. why are you applying in a company that usually hires people who finished course 2?

    i had a devil of a time practicing what i learned from course 1. i can see that course 2 is a lot easier.

    4. you graduated from school 1. you probably notice we prefer grads from school 2. what can you say about this?

    nothing really. but i wanted to ask about this company's performance. why have sales been going down in the last 5 years and why is the company's rating down from #2 to #7?

    5. you will be dealing with clients often. do you play golf?

    yes i do (even if you have only one arm and you're near-sighted).

    suggested opening sentence(s) in your application letter:


    congratulations. you are one of only five (5) companies in the philippines qualified to bid for my services.

  • :lol: at mac_bolan00

    Usual questions:
    1. Describe yourself.
    You can narrow it down by describing yourself as a student, a friend, a son, etc.
    2. Give me a situation in your life when...
    Take a few seconds to gather your thoughts.
    3. What do you know about us?
    Before going to the interview, read about them or visit their website.
    4. Any questions?
    Ask about the nature of the job, benefits and lastly the salary.

    1. Shake hands firmly. Practice at home.
    2. Listen attentively. Make eye contact. Sit upright.
    3. Get the interviewer to like you.
    4. Don't forget to say thank you.

  • tnx for your replies. i wanted to ask more, what are the tough questions that you encountered? how do you handle it?
  • personally, i think asking what the salary is for the job seems like of bad taste. di ba? parang you're just interviewing for the money(well, true) pero you have to come off like you really want the job despite of the salary.

    a lot of job interviews nowadays are very interactive. You have to show a lot of personality without being too cocky. Look at the interviewer straight in the eye and lean forward to look like you're really interested in what the interviewer is talking about. and always ask for their business card, that way you can send them a personal thank you card and may continue a friendly interaction for further insight into the company.

  • Would you engage in combat without the proper training? It is the same with a job interview. You just don't walk into a job interview without a clue about the company. You have to begin your research about the company well before a job interview. Look up the following:

    Goods and services the company offers
    company's organizational structure (including the functions and locations of subsidiaries)
    employment trends (has the company been hiring or laying people off)
    industry trends (are new products changing the field?)
    external pressures affecting business operations (could be exerted by either government or by the general economic climate)

    Where can you get these infomations from?

    The company itself (such as their annual reports)
    Chamber of Commerce

    Evaluate the position you're applying for and put yourself in the interviewee's shoes. I read that job seekers looking for jobs in the field of human resources have to emphasize in their people skills. On the other hand, those who are seeking jobs in the tech fields have to emphasize their penchant for detail.

    Here are some of the most common qualities for which interviewers are looking for when they interview job candidates:

    Intelligence and analytical ability
    creativity and flexibility
    communication skills
    work experience and required technical skills
    leadership qualities/team playing ability
    initiative and entrepreneurship
    energy and stamina
    interest in the postion
    personal qualities and personality

    Remember: It's a process in which job candidates and interviewer JUDGE EACH OTHER to decide whether they want to WORK TOGETHER.

    ...more to come

  • i think asking for the salary is o.k...they would appreciate it because of your being frank and honest..and for me applying for a job does not mean that you will work for them once they say "your hired"..they had their chance to know what you know and a little of what you can do..so if they say that they will hire you then they must also give you a decent salary..if you don't ask about the salary and you keep having interviews with them and later on when they hire you they then inform you of your salary and you don't like it, what would you do? will you still work for them or will you turn down their offer? if you do turn down their offer then i think you would have saved a lot of your time and their time as well going for those usually long interviews..i think you don't have to take a job offer just because your jobless or because it's the 1st one that came..

    TIP: just be confident and act naturally during interviews..
  • Well it's common knowledge to 'dress for business' during an interview. As well as being punctual. A FIRM handshake and eye contact is a must.

    Here are a few popular introductory questions in an interview:

    Why are you interested in this job?
    What do you know about this company and this particular job? (now aren't you glad you did your homework?)
    What do you see as the purpose of this interview?

    There is also a stress interview. The purpose of this interview to determine whether your experience qualifies you for the present position. It is alos aimed at judging an applicants adaptability, productivity, motivation and leadership, and assesing the development of your career over the years. You may be asked these types of questions:

    Describe the most difficult problem you faced in your last job and how you solved it.
    What were you best at? Give me specific examples.
    What things do you do less well?
    Tell me about your on-the-job people skills. Describe a situation in which you handled people effectively.
    Tell me about your team projects.
    What is your career goal? How have the jobs you've held in the past helped pursue that goal?
    Why did you leave your last job?
    What in your background makes you the ideal candidate for the job?

    And you know that part where it's YOUR turn to ask the interviewer questions? Here are some QUESTIONS of what NOT to ask:

    What are your major products?
    How many people work for your company?
    How long have you been in business?

    (Tsk tsk tsk, you didn't do your homework)

    Below are questions you may WANT TO ASK an interviewer:

    What are the job responsibilities?
    What do you consider an ideal experience for this job?
    What is the most serious problem facing this department? (naks!);)
    What would be my primary job challenge?
    What is the typical career path for someone who takes this position?
    Can you describe the corporate culture? (naks!!);)

    Asking about money prematurely may send the message that the job is less important than what you will earn. But that doesn't mean that you should go into an interview with no idea about the job's fair market value. While most of us feel that we deserve every penny we can earn, the hiring manager has a responsibility to hire people for the least money possible. NEGOTIATE.
  • chaicochaico PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    questions asked to me yesterday:

    describe yourself
    why did you chose our company
    where do you see yourself 5 years from now
    and then he asked about the results of the research papers listed on my resume ...

    and then tanong siya what's the job of your father, your mother, how many are you in the family, etc.

    tapos kung relative ko si ganito, si ganyan .. :) yun!
  • well, na-post na nila almost all the questions they asked for an interview.

    one thing i can say when your going to an interview is :

    - be yourself
    - relax
    - add some humor to your answers, pero ilagay mo sa lugar, timing ba.. hehehe.. hey it works, sometimes.
    - also, when your on the technical field, i.e. eng'g and other sciences...DaPat MArunong mag-SMB (inom beer ika nga....)

    but hte most important thing is this (hey, dont forget this)....kapag interview ka na, at wala pa sila maitanong iba sa iyo, butt-in ka, ikaw naman magtanong... ask them about the company. how did it start, whose the president , the boss, who are interviewing you.. in short words...Interview-hin mo rin sila but with discretion.
    this is true and effective, if you do this, you'll have about 80%-90% of getting the job kesa sa mga kasabayan mo.

    many applicants always forgets this part kasi eh. hjere's the trick why? when you ask them about their company, its history, etc,..it gves them the feeling that you're giving them some importance at tipong lalabas ba na me malasakit ka sa kompanya kahit di kapa nila tinatanggap. so pogi points agad yun. there you go.
  • what if the company ask you some psychological questions like...

    1. what do you put in your wallet?
    2. what are the most valuable thing you considered?
    3. what if you experienced forgetting your wallet when you're already riding a jeep or bus? what will you do? what will you do if the driver caught you?
    4. what if i bet with you, you will be riding the elevator, and i will use the stairs? will you accept the bet?

    i don't know what's this questions is all about? i really don't know what should it reflect? hope you could analyze it for me. tnx
  • Ano ang isinasagot mo sa mga tanong na : What is your weakness/strength? What is in you that our company would convince to hire you?
    • "What is your major weakness?"
      Be positive; turn a weakness into a strength. For example, you might say: "I often worry too much over my work. Sometimes I work late to make sure the job is done well."

    Click HERE for more Job Interview Tips.

    GOOD LUCK with your job hunting...:)
  • try this for a first question in a job interview:

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