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d best ang UST!

bkt d best ang ust?

1. d best footlong in town

2. nagkalat ang mga statues ng mga remarkable men in history

3. d best ang pagtuturo ng architecture! :)

4. parang EK ang main bldg pag gabi hehe :)

5. d best ang mga tomasino!!! :)

6. galeng ng basketball teams :)

7. bsta d best ang UST hehe... :)


  • I AGREE LALO NA SA # 1!!!!!! hehe
    dun sa # 3 magaling except ung sa ibang subj....c grizzly kasi eh..hehe :)
  • oo nga pla c grizzly bad hehe
  • YEEBAH!!!!:)
  • UST is the best because... many people feel insecure just by the mention of UST and Thomasians... Some posters are probably scarred for life due to the utterly humiliation and embarrasment Thomasians have inflicted on them... and they refuse to accept that a lowly Thomasian... a "masa"... could ever make them shake in fear... heck... even a certified basher... already accepted the fact that how much effort he did just to malign the good reputation of the Royal and Pontifical university... he can't even tarnish it... that is why he made a cheer for UST instead... I edited a word because he didn't know the difference between "loose" and "lose"...
    AgaDulak wrote:
    We are the Tigers!
    The mighty, mighty Tigers!
    Win or lose...
    UST the best!
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