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Toy Story 2

Ang ganda ng Toy Story 2!!! One of the few movie sequels siguro na kasing ganda ng part 1(or maybe even better than part 1) :)


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    I fully agree! It is probably better than the original Toy Story since it was both funnier and more exciting. The voice over performances were first rate as well since aside from Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, the film also had Kelsey Grammer (Cheers and Fraser), Joan Cusack, the Newman character from Seinfeld, Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger and others.

    Clearly, one of the best films of the year!
  • Took my two nephews to see it, i think i enjoyed it more than they did. Really good movie. two thumbs up!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    How was the movie? I haven't had the time to watch movies lately. I'll just rely on your reviews then wait for the video to come out. :)
  • i just watched the movie. ganda, masarap panoorin. I never thought that it would be as exciting as it was funny. Galing as usual ni woody and si buzz lightyear. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen really breathed life into those two . Cute nila slinky dog and bullseye. Sabi nga ni Larry King: "Can I give it six stars?" Wonder how he would have rated Muro Ami? :)

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  • Sobrang galing! It's one of the best sequels I've seen ever! The story is even so cheesy that you'd have to be some heartless fool to not be touched by it. The movie was funny and exciting, as scooby said, and the animation is simply the best!
    I especially liked the confrontation scene between the "fake" Buzz and the Zerg (?) master. Funny talaga.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Wonderful movie. I enjoyed it more than the original.
  • I liked the pop culture references, "Buzz I am your father" and the Jurassic Park spoof...
  • Amen to that, Kamatayan!

    And how about the return of the aliens? "You have saved our lives...we are indebted to you forever!!!"

    Yeah, this was one sequel I liked more than the original. Definitely a great, light-hearted moviegoing experience. Makes me wanna watch Stuart Little...he's topping the US now!
  • *****.. ang landi ni BARBIE!!!!
  • Ang galing talaga. Nakakaiyak yung kanta ni Jessie di ba? It's even better than the first one. I also like the spoofs. Also, this time, they have the rights to other well-known toys that they didn't have last time. Dati legs lang ni barbie. Ngayon they have the real thing! Pati yung troll! Ibang klase talaga. Hahahaha!

  • Just saw it last night. Honestly, I wasn't really excited in seeing it since sequels usually suck. Not this one. Nakakatawa talaga! Aliw!!! Sarap panoorin ulit.
  • i liked it!!! the spoofs were rly rly funny. hmmm...'dyou guys watch hidden mickey(disney channel)? was there a hidden mickey in the movive? was it the watch again?....& oh, how about the old man who repaired woody? he was in the movie 'a bug's life'. hmm...oh, dim (bug's life) was also in the movie--- that part where buzz & co were in the toy store. dim was one of the toys being sold.


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  • i agree with most of your responses...
    definitely, toy story 2 is one of the most successful sequels :)

    i really liked the part when they were crossing the road to al's toy store...
  • one of the best movie sequels ever! kakaaliw... kakatawa. :)

    i was touched by the "jessie nostalgia" scene... ang ganda ng kanta. kakaiyak. it's a story of friendship. the movie teaches that we must cherish the happy times we spend with our loved ones, and accepting the truth that everything has an ending. letting go of a dear freind is tough... but the happy memories you've shared together will always be there inside your heart.

    *ayan... nasesenti tuloy ako* :(
  • The Rock says that it's pretty amazing that the people at Disney and Pixar were able to come up with a story that was as engaging, if not more engaging, than the orignal. The animation was excellent, and the way the backgrounds were rendered by computers was breathtaking. Akala mo tuloy totoo na dahil sa ganda ng mga kulay. Disney hits another homerun with Toy Story 2.
  • It is great, the dialogues, graphics and effects. I was struck when it was already the time for woody to decide whether he will go back to andy or will stay with his new friends and be sold in japan. Also with the sacrifice and sincerity of buzz and company.
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    Superb! Clap Clap Clap Clap!!!
  • ...hanep ang animation...far better than the first one.nakakatawa 'yung horse ni woody pati yung dog ni andy (it reminded me of my pet)...this is a feel good movie kahit na animation lang... ;)
  • It was definitely the best. It looked real-- as if toys were really alive. Smooth ang graphics!

    Galeng ng PIXAR.

    It was so funny... daming spoof. hehehe :-)
  • The movie is great. The value of friendship, the reality of how is it to make big decisions, and the question of values. The graphics is also perfect.
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