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[UP Diliman - Retention Rule for EEE Students]

So I tried this app wherein it tells you your standing/year given all your grades from CRS. However, before it processes your standing/year, it checks first whether you have violated a retention rule or not. And after inputting my grade, it stated that I did. I checked the retention rules for EEE students and here's what I've found:

1. Two (2) failures (5, unresolved 4, unresolved INC, drop) in the same Math subject (Math 17, 53, 54 or 55).
2. Two (2) takes each, of three (3) Math subjects (Math 17, 53, 54 or 55).
3. Two (2) failures in the same EEE course (EEE 31, 33, 35, 23 or 41).
4. Two (2) takes each, of three (3) EEE courses (EEE 31, 33, 35, 23 or 41).

I've passed all my Math subjects. But I failed EEE 31, 33 and 23 for the first time and I passed EEE 31 and 33 the second time. I'm about to take EEE 23 so clearly I'm violating rule number 4.

Will UP / the College of Engineering notify me if I have indeed violated the retention rule? How will I know if I legit violated a retention rule? Also, what do I do if I did?

-currently panicking EEE student lol :( :(


  • magneticmonopolesmagneticmonopoles Psychotic. PExer
    In my case, I failed Math 53, 54 and 55 and have retaken Math 53 and Math 54, with me taking Math 55 again this semester with a 5.00 last semester, thus violating the retention rule. I also only passed 1/15 units last semester but only got tagged as dismissed for this academic delinquency, not with a permanent dismissal for the Math failures. Also, this was my second dismissal, but likewise, no mention of this being the issue in my case.

    I talked to people from EEEI and COE admin but I don't think they understood my case and was advised to just appeal for readmission. I did, got readmitted again under the BS ECE program, got warned that this was my last chance with me needing to pass EEE 23 and Math 55 this semester, paid, attending classes now, and still no notice from anyone, not even a single remark on my CRS account:
    • Reason for delinquency: Academic standing.
    • Current status: Allowed to enroll this semester.
    • Remarks: Readmitted 2nd sem 16-17.

    I am also panicking as I haven't told my parents (nor do I plan on doing so :().

    I'm afraid to talk to the admin staff and my adviser about this as I badly need to get high grades this semester to pull up my GWA, or at least perform good enough to not fail any subject to satisfy the 24-unit rule (19 units this sem + 1 unit last sem = at least 4 units during midyear, when a student is only allowed only up to 6 units max) and I fear an issue with my academic standing would be enough a hassle to mess up my studies right now.

    I'm hanging on the hope that this would go unnoticed until I get back on my feet but I'm also worried neglecting this would have consequences. Right now, I want to wait until further notice but if there's any progress on your end, a little advice (or maybe a reassurance that it's fine, COE is nice with their students) would help.

    :( :( :(

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