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ynonynon PExer
I have been browsing around looking for a forum where artists and "wannabes" can showcase their art (painting) works and styles, but found none. I hope this thread will be a good venue to such a talented breed of people.

Good luck to us all!



  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    I think there are a few threads with art showcases inside. I forgot the titles tho. :)
  • ynonynon PExer
    i have seen the photography thread but none for paintings or maybe it's not properly taken cared of. don't worry kartoonista, i'll take care of this one.

    one big problem though, how can we post our scanned paintings here? i tried the [IMG]tag but the image did not display. i also have attached my image file. may i ask where those attached file go once submitted? can you guide us about this one? thanks:)[/img]
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    No problem. *okay*

    Scanned pictures can only be posted if they're available on the internet so you can't use them if the pictures are in your hard disk. You do have to put them in an online album (I recommend Lycos Photos for this).

    Go here for more details: how do i insert an image in my post?
  • ynonynon PExer
    Kitchen Series #01
    Oil Pastel

    ... and so i post my first work. style? i consider it as an impressionist. please let us start from here. if you have problems inposting your images, please follow the link from kartoonista's post. if you want me to scan your work, just pm me.

    thanks kartoonista :)
  • ynonynon PExer
    am i the only one artist here at PEX that got guts to share his talent here? if not share us your work. malay mo dito tayo makilala :)

    one task our art professor make us to do at our basic drawing class was to make a two dimensional circle or sphere three dimensional. do you know how to do it?
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    The only paintings I have made are larger than 11 x 17. So I'll probably scan some old sketches that I did with watercolor pens and post them here. :D
  • verbmadverbmad PExer

  • ynonynon PExer
    thank you guys for giving some wind on this thread.

    kartoonista , i will expect your work.

    verbmad , i would really appreciate if you can add more details on your posting such as title, media, year, etc. of your work.

  • verbmadverbmad PExer
    one of my early works:rolleyes:

    "Pasensya sa pagkain, magpasalamat at may makakain"
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    I can't find my watercolor pen sketches. Would you settle for ink drawings instead? :D
  • JaCziEJaCziE dansk prinsesse PExer
    Oh no, syempre nainggit ako dun sa watercolor ni verbmad.

    I've been having a hard time with my watercolors :mecry: balik tuloy ako sa pencils.
  • ynonynon PExer
    oo nga eh. ang gleng ni verbmad. may i ask you if you already participated in some art competition like shell, verbmad?

    senga pala. pwede na iyung mga pencil drawings. kasi meron din ako na pwede kong ilagay lalo na portraits.
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer

    Over a cup of coffee
    Ballpoint pen

    Here's a pensive sketch I did last October while we were having our art meeting in a coffee shop. There were two people in the other table talking when I started doodling. I just replaced them with my comic characters. :D
  • verbmadverbmad PExer
    ynon, JaCziE tenchu! :D
    oo nga eh. ang gleng ni verbmad. may i ask you if you already participated in some art competition like shell, verbmad?

    yup! actually this was my first entry sa Shell Natl' Art Competition, fortunately nag-finalist naman.
  • JaCziEJaCziE dansk prinsesse PExer
    Ok, the last time I seriously drawn anything was when I was in Grade 4. It was a landscape picture using pastels, pero nisubmit sa contest in Taiwan so wala na sa akin :( I won naman, I think 2nd or 3rd place.

    Anyway, these past few weeks, talagang I've been contemplating to get an arts course after college. (I'm currently stuck in a Business/Computer one).

    So, sige, take a look at the drawings I made last Friday and Saturday, after hibernating my drawing pencils for almost a decade. :)

    If you think I'm not cut out for being an artist.. well, sabihin nyo na! Para di na ako umalis sa business path ko!
  • verbmadverbmad PExer
    one more...


  • JaCziEJaCziE dansk prinsesse PExer

    Silent Ecstacy
    Just 2 days ago. :D
  • JaCziEJaCziE dansk prinsesse PExer
    Iniingit ako ng isang taong nagwawatercolor dyan. :)
  • verbmadverbmad PExer
    If you think I'm not cut out for being an artist.. well, sabihin nyo na! Para di na ako umalis sa business path ko!

    bakit ka aalis sa "business path" mo kung pwede no namang pagsabayin, you can do both.

    btw di po makita yung artwork mo. :)
  • JaCziEJaCziE dansk prinsesse PExer
    i changed the link na, may topak geocities.

    and, yup alam ko kaya ko pagsabayin, pero i was really thinking of studying after graduation. mag fine arts here, then apply to a design school in canada or us. pero pag hindi naman ganun kagaling talent ko, edi mag mba nalang ako. :)

    pero mas fun ang fine arts, don't you think? :socool:

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