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He/she doesn't have to be a Hollywood star. They could be local, European, Asian, etc.

Can you share your own pick and tell us the memorable scene which they did in the movie?


  • Best Pinoy actor for me is George Estregan. Where else can you find such versatility? From gay roles to contrabida to aswang and even porno pinasok nya. His most memorable scene? the one with Joy Sumilang in 'Sabik' hehe. Best Pinoy actress si Jaclyn Jose and her best performance to date is definitely the one in 'Private Show'.
  • George Estregan? - Nope, I wouldn't drop my actor's name in this thread then.
  • for an actor, it's eddie garcia for me - he's so versatile. as for an actress, i guess i will have to agree with StJames - Jaclyn Jose, grabe galing! she's so natural unlike others na kailangang humiyaw at tumangis para lang ipa-feel sa manonood na galit siya, he! he! he!
  • although Tom Hanks has just appeared this last quarter of the century, I believe he can be counteed as one of the greatest.

    He's movie roles starting with Mazes and Monsters are all great.. and who can deny what he's done these past few years..
  • The answers were surprising:

    George Estregan - 1 vote
    Jaclyn Jose - 2 votes
    Tom Hanks - 1 vote

    This is a good sign for pinoy actors...
  • My vote is for MARICEL SORIANO, she is absolutely an amazing actress. She did such an awesome job in IKAW PA LANG ANG MINAHAL esp. in one scene w/ Charito Solis when she uttered Mamahalin niya ako para sa inyong lahat na hinde nagmahal sa akin. I really could feel her pain. The variety of movies she has done is amazing and she can switch from character to character, and you'd think she was actually the character!

    and VIC SILAYAN - he scared me a lot in KISAPMATA. He really did the best acting job i have seen in a long time.
  • i believe Rainier will be the greatest film actor in the very very far future. :)
  • efgefg PExer
    sa local, pag matagal na talaga sa showbiz, actor for me would be Christopher De Leon and Eddie Garcia... actress would be maricel soriano, jackylyn Jose and Cherie Gil too is good.....
    sa mga young ones naman.... actor would be jericho rosales and... hmmm... wala na ako kilala eh... young actress naman-- si Claudine Barreto, Judy Ann Santos and Angelica De La Cruz. .. who is that girl related to Maricel Soriano sa MArina?.... regine velasquez is a good one too...

    for international.
    Actor - tom hanks,
    actress-- ofcourse no other than my idol Nicole Kidman...
  • Actor: eddie Garcia (although minsan nakakainis ang acting nya kasi halos parehas parehas na lang.)

    Actress: Jacklyn Jose dahil di oa pero effective.
  • no doubt, the superstar, ms nora aunor! and because she's the greatest, best and finest, please watch naglalayag this coming june 23!

    in this movie, see nora return to one of her most satisfying portrayal ever.

    naglalayag is destined to go big, locally and internationally!

    naglalayag, june 23!
  • in my opinion, d great actor/actress must have versatility. he/she must be able to play anything within the limitations of her sex & color.

    my vote goes to maricel soriano. :) there is nothing in her work more delightful than her unfailing hold upon her characterization. even in so meagre and unworthy roles, she manages to give something fine, to actually drag d silly, trite story up into a glamour of film by the sheer power of her acting.

    also lolita rodriguez, d late dindo fernando and vic silayan for their comparatively quiet, sincere, intelligent method of acting.
  • MerjoMerjo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A great actor/actress is the one who's able to exile in different forte (comedy/horror/drama-suspense/action) and for me that's no other than Ms. Maricel Soriano. She's the only actress in the Philippines whom I can say is "versatile." She's not corny whenever she does comedy films or TV shows. Two time Best Actress comedy in a TV show from Asian TV Awards (from Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis).
    She's also good in drama (Ikaw pa lang ang minahal, Dahas, Separada, Minsan lang kita iibigin, Hinugot sa langit, Kaya kong abutin ang langit and the recent one which is Filipinas). I still believe that Maricel deserves to win an award from her movie "Ikaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal." She did a very good job portraying the role of Adela in that movie. Although she did win an award from People's Choice and Young Critics Circle. Maricel is also good in horror/suspense. I will never forget the movie "Vampira." (Best Actress from Young Critics Circle). In terms of action films, she did a lot of them already such as Batang Quiapo with FPJ, Pustahan tayo mahal mo ako with Bong Revilla, Nagkataon Nagkatagpo with Rudy Fernandez, Tulak ng bibig kabig ng dibdib with Robin Padilla, Subukan Mo with Ace Vergel, Kung kaya mo kaya ko rin with Cesar Montano, and Ikaw pa lab kita with Lito Lapid and these are all considered box office hits.

    Regards to everyone here!
  • demented_yuandemented_yuan PEx Rookie ⭐
    ive always thought bout this thread and finally....

    greatest film actors for me:
    eddie garcia,
    lolita rodriguez,
    vic silayan,
    charito solis

    sana we could come up with an insitution similar to the cause of AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE....

    para we could preserve the filipino motion picture identity even better..
  • :spinstar: :flower: CLAUDINE BARRETTO :flower: :spinstar:

    She's VERSATILE! She can please the viewers to her characters. She can do drama, comedy, passionate scenes, modeling as well(folded and hung & secosana), and horror in her upcoming movie with jericho and diether ocampo!!!

    The best performance i could ever tell is her acting in ANAK...kasi kahit ganun pa siya kabata nun at kaya niyang nakipagsabayn kay VILMA SANTOS.... at marami pa talagang best performance from her!!!

    :flower: CLAUDINE :flower:
  • My vote goes to Maricel Soriano


    Ama Ina Anak
    Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin
    Ikaw pa lang ang minahal
    Pinulot ka lang sa Lupa


    I will Survive
    Taray Teroy
    Maria Went to town
    Inday Bote





    Action Comedy

    Batang Quiapo
    Nagkataon Nagkatagpo

    and many many many many more...... :)

    sa male: Eddie Garcia
  • VILMA SANTOS: the greatest

    burlesk queen
    sister stella l
    dolzura cortez
    pagputi ng uwak, pagitim ng tagak
    bata, bata pano ka ginawa
    dekada 70
    broken marriage
    aida macaraig: adultery
    hahamakin ang lahat
    tagos ng dugo
  • nora aunor! no other local performer has matched or came close to her body of works!
    tatlong taong walang diyos
    ina ka ng anak mo
    bakit bughaw ang langit
    bulaklak ng city jail
    kastilyong buhangin
    till we meet again
    tinik sa dibdib
    bilanging ang mga bituin sa langit
    andrea pano ba maging ina
    ang totoong buhay ni pacita m
    the flor contemplacion story
    bakit may kahapon pa...

    at marami pang iba...

    at naglalayag... the most awaited movie event of the year!

    watch kayong lahat... june 23 na!
  • Originally posted by BPG_2000
    i believe Rainier will be the greatest film actor in the very very far future. :)

    sa tingin n'yo?
  • fuchiyayafuchiyaya PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Maricel Soriano
    I think Maricel is a legend. She catered for generations. She brings the cheer and joy to the heart that no other drama/comedian actress can. See her in "Hinugot Sa Langit", "Inday Bote", "Batang Quiapo", "IKaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal", Vampira", "Dahas" and you will know the versatility of this gem in the decades back. She is God's gift to the Filipino movie industry.

    Lolita Rodriguez
    No doubt, one of the greatest movie stars and female icons of all time. I love her in "Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo" and she's truly great in "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang".

    Vilma Santos
    She's the "Darna" For all Seasons. She is an actress of great calibre and she has won numerous awards. Her unforgetable films are "Burlesk Queen", "Relasyon", "Tagos ng Dugo", "Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa", to name a few.

    Nora Aunor
    Considered by many film critics to be the greatest Filipino living actress. I love her in Himala and Atsay.
  • eddie_thomaseddie_thomas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i go for maricel soriano. brilliant acting and superb talent :)
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