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i have yet to watch dogma, the latest movie from the damon & afflec duo. and i read the postings at the dogma thread and one pex member said that the movie mentioned something about god loving humans more than the angels. which reminded me of one of my favorite movies... the prophecy: god's army.

they even made a sequel for this movie pero mas maganda ang story nung original. anyone familiar with this movie? did you like it?


  • The Prophecy? Is that a Christian film? Sounds familiar eh. I'd like to see it though. More info please so i could go look for it. Thanks. :)
  • nix
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    Hey Wolverine, I loved that movie. This is the one where Gabriel wanted to finally end the Battle of the Angels in Heaven right by getting the soul of some evil general. Yeah, this fallen angel thing is really cool.

    I also watched part II and you're right, not quite as good but still fun to watch.

    I'm sure that this movie is out on VHS and LD. I have a DVD of it as well. This is one of HBO's better original movies.
  • Meiji
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    yeah, i have watched both the original and the sequel. i was able to watch the original sa cable tapos sa sine naman yung sequel. nung pinanood ko yung original mag-isa lang ako kaya lang nung pinanood ko yung sequel, my mom and my sister were with me, tapos they didn't like the movie. i think the movie freaked them out. ewan ko. okay naman yung movie eh, ang gusto ko sa sequel ay si Russell Wong, cute kasi sya. btw, what's the name of the lead actor, yung villain? he's a good actor. one thing more, nakakalito yung pangalan ng mga angels, pero maganda yung story ng movie.

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  • wolverine
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    jepoy: the movie is about the war of angels in heaven. the rebel group is headed by gabriel and the other side is led by michael the archangel. gabriel is jealous of the realtionship between God & humans because He doesn't communicate with the angels anymore. gabriel planned a revolution that would end all wars... both in heaven and on earth.

    i think nix can tell you more about it. he's got copies of the movie.

    nix: i'm planning to give a vhs copy of the movie as a gift to a friend. where did you get yours? wala kasi sa astrovision e...

    meiji: sorry. can't help you with the name of the villain. pero sikat sya eh... just can't seem to remember his name.

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  • I love The Prophecy. Ang galing ng cinematography. Hayop! I've also seen the sequel pero it's not as great as the first.
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