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Is CBCP Anti-Christ? by Mocha Uson

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Totoo ang mga sinabi ni Mocha tungkol sa CBCP.

Is CBCP anti-Christ?

Christianity is founded on love. It espouses the doctrine of loving thy neighbor, not judging others, and forgiveness.

However, the way the Philippine Catholic Church has been acting is the total opposite of what Christianity preaches. It refuses to forgive (Marcos burial issue). It judges Duterte but turns a blind eye on the immorality of De Lima. And it divides instead of unites.

Why is this so? Ever since the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines, the Catholic Church has been a part of the lives of most Filipinos and it has also been very influential in our country. The power of the Catholic Church is one of the things Jose Rizal fought against because the Church was able to use its power and influence in Spain to dictate who should be the Governor General of the Philippines. Because of this they accused Jose Rizal of being a cultist and an enemy who was going against the teachings of the church. You should know that back then fighting against the church could cost you your life or you could be excommunicated.

One of the notable persons who were excommunicated for fighting against the church was Martin Luther. He fought against the corrupt practice where people must pay for the forgiveness of their sins and for their soul to go to heaven. These are just some instances where the Church used its influence and abuse its power. The question now is, did it stop?

Looking back at EDSA 1, which forced the then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos to step down from power, Cardinal Sin was one of those who greatly influenced the people and caused the inauguration of Cory Aquino as the 11th President of the Philippines. They created an image that presented the Aquinos as the savior of our country and therefore the people again trusted and voted Noynoy Aquino as their president and leader in the 2010 election even if he did nothing. They hoped that Noynoy would save this country once again. So, what would they gain by allying themselves with the Aquinos? Let’s not forget that the church is an organization wherein they have no tax. Allegedly, they have investments from the oligarchs who are being protected by the Aquinos. In the end, it seems like it’s all about the money. Catholic Church without money is a dying church, it has lost a lot of followers due to some issues surrounding some of their priests.

It’s just saddening to see that the church that is supposed to teach unconditional love is encouraging hate and anger toward a dead person. Yes, the Marcoses should be held liable for the crimes they have allegedly committed but that is the job for the government and not the Church’s. The Church’s purpose should be teaching people about love for God and love for one another. It also says in the Bible, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 john 4:8).Now if the very nature of God is love, then why does his “messengers” preach the opposite which is hate and forgiving with conditions? If they will claim that they’re fighting for what is right, then why don’t they speak against Sen. De Lima and her affair with Ronnie Dayan who is married? Why do they focus on the inappropriate jokes and remarks of President Duterte? Why do they bring up “Thou shall not kill” with regards to the “EJK” issue but quiet on De Lima’s affair which is against “Thou shall not commit adultery”?

Last week, through my blog, I answered a post of a La Salle brother about forgiveness. He said: “FORGIVE THE MARCOSES? But how? They have not admitted to any wrongdoing. They have not returned all that they have stolen. They have not apologized to the victims of their martial rule.”

Now, should forgiveness come with a condition? If I ask you, do we have to wait for our enemies to ask for forgiveness before we forgive them? I believe that the answer is inMatthew 6: 14-15: “14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15: But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” If Jesus himself can forgive his enemies and even asked his Father “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”…if Jesus himself can forgive regardless of whether they asked for it or not, then who are we to deny that to our enemies?

In conclusion, it is also written in the scriptures that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing (“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Mt 7:15”).They claim to be messengers of God but they are teaching hate, rebellion and self-interest. It is clearly stated that these False Prophets who have the spirit of anti-Christ are pretenders to be light and teaching things that are opposite of the teachings of Christ. The question is: if the False Prophets preach hate and rebellion and not love, what does the CBCP and some other priests teach? Love, forgiveness, or hate?



  • susmariosepsusmariosep PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Dear Xpo, your thread draws my attention because the title mentions Mocha Uson.

    Title of thread: "Is CBCP Anti-Christ? by Mocha Uson"

    And it was only yesterday that I read in BBC internet news on Mocha's role in the successful election of Du30, see Annex below.

    Now, I like to exchange thoughts with you about CBCP being anti-Christ(?).

    I think that Mocha is too harsh on the CBCP.

    You see, the CBCP represents the Catholic Church in the Philippines, and history tells us that the Catholic Church in the course of its two thousand years of its presence and action on mankind, it has done much more of goodness than evil.

    I always wonder that the friars who went with the Spanish and Portuguese explorers and also conquistadores to 'discover' new lands, they these friars saved from extinction the aborigines of the lands invaded by these Catholic Spanish and Portuguese explorers and conquistadores, the lands in North America and down all the way through the lands in Central America to the lands in South America: they the friars saved these aborigines from extinction, like in our case, with the aborigines of these our Philippine Islands.

    Have you ever noticed what happened to the aborigines of North America and also Australia, taken over by the colonizers from England and other countries in Western Europe, who were not accompanied by Catholic friar missionaries, they these aborigines became extinct in and by the hands of these colonizers?

    Think about that.

    We have the Catholic missionary friars to thank that we have not become an extinct race.


    BBC Trending

    Trolls and triumph: a digital battle in the Philippines

    By BBC Trending What's popular and why
    • 7 December 2016

    This year, an authoritarian, anti-establishment firebrand, famed for his controversial statements and uncompromising stance on law and order, won a presidential election with the help of a divisive, innovative social media campaign.

    No, not Donald Trump, but President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.

    During his campaign Duterte, nicknamed "The Punisher", promised harsh punishment for those suspected of using and selling illegal drugs.


    The campaign also rallied the help of high profile digital influencers, and using the hashtag [#]Du30[/#] (a hashtag that rhymes with the president's name).

    The influencers were chosen for their connections to messages central to the Duterte campaign.

    "Some of them have very real experience of how crime has affected or destroyed their lives," says Gabunada, "like Mocha, whose father was murdered."

    The "Mocha" he's talking about is Mocha Uson, one of the biggest and most controversial faces in the Duterte volunteer network.

    She's a Filipino singer with more than four million Facebook followers. She released songs supporting the president during the campaign and her group played at Duterte rallies.

    Image caption

    Pop star Mocha Uson became one of Duterte's most famous - and controversial - volunteers

    "I uploaded the videos of his rallies," she tells BBC Trending. "And it is only through social media that Filipinos saw how many people actually supported him, because they didn't show that on the mainstream media."

    Uson put up 20 to 30 political posts a day. One photo she shared claimed to be of a Filipina who was raped and murdered - but the picture was actually taken in Brazil. She later took it down.

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