Whom do u like to watch Ghostfighter or Flame of Recca?

Think my friend
i knew dat dis two TV shhow iis power ful to all of. us....


  • HckieHckie Member PExer
    Voting for Ghostfighter....
    maganda kasi eugene.... da best....
    I cast my vote on GHOSTFIGHTER! ;)
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    Siyempre Ghostfighter. Nandoon sina Eugene, Dennis, Alfred at ang sobrang astig na si Vincent eh.
  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    Can't seem to catch Flame Of Recca, even if its shown on two channels (GMA and AXN). What's the plot?
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    uy, ROCK... tama ka jan... ASTIG talaga si VINCENT!!!
  • rainmanrainman Member PExer
    ...i'll go for GHOSTFIGHTER ... it's VERY ORIGINAL...need i say more?

  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    When I went back to Davao for my sembreak, I had the privilege of watching Recca on AXN in English and in the early parts of the series. Personally, I find the series interesting because it has a better storyline, better character powers, and nicer animation. I found the idea of "psychic devices" really interesting and they can unleash a lot of different powers and stuff. Best of all, you're having a really great time waiting for the release of all 8 dragons from Recca (on GMA only 4 have come out to lend their power so far)!

    I just wish that they'd show these cartoons in English. Not to deprive our fellow citizens or anything, but I really think the translations (sometimes too literal) stink big time. The characters sound too silly.
  • I'm so sorry for my opinion.

    Flame of Recca has a better story, but both of them involve rather the same kind of characters. Ghostfighter (Yuu Yuu Hakusho), has been so outrightuously overhyped, and Recca is getting the same treatment. T\For me, Recca has the better animation style, atory, characters and weapons/abilities. So far, the only person with the most kick-asss powerss is Vincent (Hiei).

    But I do not like the Filipino Version as much as the subbed one. Filipino dubbing sucks. Period.
  • RiDeRRiDeR RiDe On!!! PExer
    well, i watch flame of recca on axn so fast-paced siya. since i haven't finished the whole series yet, siguro hindi ko talaga mapagcompare yung dalawa. well, pareho lang naman maganda yung story line. and okay din naman yung concept ng psychic devices. let's just hope that the story of flame of recca won't end after the tournament.

    okay lang naman yung mga characters. pero mas okay nga lang kung english din yung ghostfighter. yung flame of recca parang maganda eh. siguro kung ayos yung plot ng flame of recca up to the end, baka mas maganda pa siya kesa sa ghostfighter.
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Btw, at the rate it's going, Recca's going to be done late December to early January. I think it's on its 32nd episode already out of around 42 yata.
  • pinheadpinhead booooooo! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Dragon Ball pa rin!!!

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