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If you could change the script of a cartoon show...

1. I will let Wile E Coyote finally get hold of that hideous Road Runner thing, torture it to death (the same kind of torture Wile E suffered) before finally devouring it muahaha.
2. Sylvester will do the same thing with Tweety bird, then upon learning of her pet's horrific demise, Grandma will suffer a stroke then die a violent death.
3. Reeeeeeeecharrrdd and Eriiiiikaaaa finally getting together but Eriiiiikkaaa falls for Edward (?..yung kulot na guy na may samurai). Reeeeeecharddd goes insane and decides to annihilate the world with his robot hehe.


  • TriglycerideTriglyceride keep cool my babies! PExer
    If I could change a script...

    Cedie beating the ***** out that bratty cousin of his..I can't remember her name
    You're right, Coyote finally capturing the Roadrunner.
    Garfield would at least, once open his mouth to speak
    ..anyone here knows if Ulysses ever found his father??????
    ...Candy-Candy's beau wouldn't have died!!
    ..Nello wouldn't have died and I would've let Partrash *I know I mispelled that* live as well *although Dog of Flanders didn't end that way *
    ...I would make Yosemite Sam one of the good guys
    ...Taz...I wouldn't change Taz at all!!!
    ....Pooh would've been called Winnie!!!

    ..pwede bang cartoon movie?

    When Ariel was singin' Part of your world. I would've let her father say That is so ignorant of you Ariel. Where in the world did you get that egocentric song, from those land dwellers of course! How dare they make up a song about how beautiful their world is when they admitted that the ocean is that unexplored frontier? The ocean makes up more of this place than the land, why in the world would you want to trade this for that?
    :freak:..*weirdo* :bop:...I'm twisted I offense to Lil Mermaid fans out there...

    Peace :flwrface:
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    anyone here knows if Ulysses ever found his father??????
    -Is that from Ulysess 31 ?

    On Lupin d III:
    What if Detective will be able to capture Lupind III ?

    Rurouni Kenshin:
    The X scar on his cheek will be placed on his forehead...

    Voltes V:
    Zeoul (please corect me with the spelling) was able to kill Prince Zardoz...

    Prince John and the sherrif arrested Robinhood and beheaded him ...

    Prince Luthor was able to marry the Princess and they have children.. :lol:
  • TriglycerideTriglyceride keep cool my babies! PExer
    Originally posted by SoliduS_AlphA
    -Is that from Ulysess 31

    Yes!!! Do you know? I've been wondering about that :glee:
  • Hot PantsHot Pants The Dagger PExer

    Olive spreading spinach all over her body while Popeye tries to eat it without using his hands. then after Popeye eats them all, well.. you know the rest..

  • sullen boysullen boy Da Literary Lech0n PExer
    1. Hindi ko na papalitan ang boses ni Janine sa The Real Ghostbusters. Pansinin nyo nung nag-iba yung boses niya naging boring na rin yung show. At dapat maging kasing-laki ni Marshmallow Man si Slimer. :laugh:

    2. Papatayin ni Princess Sarah si Ms. Minchin or however you spell her name...

    3. Dapat magkaroon ng tulo si Johnny Bravo sa isang episode. How I'm going to explain to the kids about tulo is a totally different story... :lol:
  • StJamesStJames pong! PExer
    Johnny Bravo magkakatulo????


    btw, this is one of my earlier threads and i nearly dissed PEx dati after nobody replied to this thread. tenks for halukaying this thread from the ancient PEx baul ;)

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