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Duncan and Hill to the Bulls? How possible is it?

Adding Tim Duncan and Grant Hill to the Bulls will surely bolster up their lineup. The Bulls will be able to pay these two players more than any other team in the NBA. How possible is it for these players to hop in what was once Michael Jordan's gocart and try to get it going again?


  • I don't know whether this is possible, but they would be a hell of a tandem. I think both players are going to be free agents at the end of this season so who knows? Sana...

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  • To all the Bulls fans (sorry, I love Boston)
    this would be wonderful. But the reality of NBA now is that salary cap restrictions limits the possibility of having these 2 marquee players of the league play for the same team.

    I would suggest Grant Hill playing for Chicago and Tim Duncan signing with the Celtics :)
  • i think it's even pretty unlikely for either Hill or Duncan to even sign up for the Bulls. under the current salary cap rules, the maximum amount that the Bulls can offer either player is less than what their respective teams can offer. so unless Hill or Duncan want to play for a losing team for a lesser salary, it's doubtful that they would be suiting up in a Bulls uniform in the near future
  • It's highly unlikely especially with Duncan as he seems to be happy at San Antonio, also with the reputation of the two Jerry's any franchise player will think twice before playing for the Bulls...
  • right you are kamats..... :)
    and besides hill and duncan are superstars in there respective teams right now..and i don't think they "like" to share there limelight with each other... :)
    note: eventhough duncan has robinson with the spurs its clear that robinson is no longer "the man" of the team.
  • yup...yoyo is right and I can tell it from the start that their combination will never be possible and it would take a miracle for them to be in one team...
  • oo nga... nde naman ***** ang san antonio at detroit para i trade sina duncan at hill
  • The only team besides Chicago that can afford Duncan is Orlando, and Duncan prefers the sunny climate so if ever he's going to leave San Antonio, it won't be for Chicago.
  • They can get a playoff spot.
    but not a finals spot
    they can get a finals spot but it wiuld be very hard for them to do that
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