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QCinema Film Festival 2016

PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
Isa na naman post-film festival thread :glee:

Was only able to catch Ang Mananggal Sa Unit 23 B. Bullets ko na lang yung thoughts ko.
  • Most of the "manananggal" scenes are implied. You only get to see the full-on creature near the end, and boy is the special effect great, given the budget.
  • Ryza Cenon pulls off the "girl next door" cute convincingly and has great chemistry with Martin Del Rosario.
  • The use of Taken by Cars' December 2 Chapter VII is probably one of the most ill-fitting choices for a background song I've ever seen in history.
  • The grandma steals the show. Nearly all of her scenes had the entire cinema exploding in laughter. At times, I wondered if ad lib lang yung mga interplay dun like the batchoy scene.
  • Yes, as the trailer implies, cardboard justice is used by Ryza to dispose of her victims and this is played with a couple of times. Sayang though, I felt like they didn't take advantage of the joke enough considering its potential.

Sa mga nakapanood ng Purgatoryo - care to share what was the supposedly shocking ending? :glee:

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