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Future Honors Courses in Ateneo (like AB MEC)


I heard rumors na AB MEC will be an honors course so I want to know what makes a course an honors course?

And how will this be different sa current course na we follow today?

-AB MEC 160***


  • reshiramreshiram PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    AB MEc-Honors will have an Econometrics course starting next school year. This will make them more belonging to the Econ dept. I actually wonder why MEc is in Econ dept when its thesis is the Strategic Formulation and Implementation from SOM.
  • I haven't heard that yet. Where can I learn more about this? If this is true, then I better tell my friend who's in Economics-Honors and is trying to double major in Management-Honors. Hahaha! :lol: Must suck for him!
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