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Things to check before buying a home in the Philippines

1. Double check if the Transfer of Certificate of Title is genuine.
-To verify this, the Register of Deeds can issue a Certified True Copy of the title. You'll need the complete name of the owner and the title number before you visit the Register of Deeds office.


2. Make sure that the title is clean.
-When we say clean, this means that no debts on the property. It is usually indicated on the back of the title if there is but if it is empty, then it means that it is clean.

3. Double check the land indicated in the title is the property that you are buying.
- Before you sign any document or closing the deal, it is wise to hire a surveyor to check if what is shown on the tile is the land that you're buying.

4. Do a background check of the owner.
-This will make sure that the owner is the real owner of the property. It is also wise to ask for photocopies of their ID's and maybe talk to the neighbors about the past of the property.

5. The annual tax must be paid.
-Tax Receipt and Tax Declaration will show you if the property tax is paid yearly or if it has an outstanding balance, make sure that you ask for a copy.

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