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Help! I don't know what to do...(AWOL related!)

Hey guys! I just need so advice. Last July 2016 I recently went awol in a company (But my supervisor accepted my resigantion. More on that though, later.). Now that i applied for another company and I just finished my second interview, I'm worried that I would get in trouble if they trace it if ever they decided to hire me. I declared in my cv that I have no prior experience.

Now, let me explain why I went AWOL.

The job I had required too much going from place to place and getting documents that I will encode--seriously, isn't there supposed to be a runner for encoders?--So yeah, the job was detrimental to my health and it physically drained me--they had me filing documents in a very dingy vault with not even any electric fan to ease up the heat which triggered my not being able to breathe properly. I felt like that kind of job wasn't for a college graduate and that it's very bad for my health.

I filed for an immediate resignation to my supervisor and she noted that my reason is valid but when I went to my agency, they told me that i had to wait for a month more before I am cleared. That's when i decided to walk away. I couldn't risk my health for a job that required long hours of roaming around to get documents that I will personally encode and file in microwave like vault. I was assigned in the batching department so I'm pretty sure you guys know what type of company I worked for...

I only stayed there for six days--if you don't count the two and and a half months they had me running back and forth to repeat my medical examination because they kept of finding things in my results even though the doctor from a hospital they personally recommended cleared me already.
I know that i should have had my clearance but the people from the HR were a little too much to handle.

So, is there away for me to update my PhilHealth? I know I can get my TIN from BIR RDO, the only salary I had was for my four day training which is about 1,365 pesos (this is just what the called an allowance). do you think they deducted tax that allowance?

I need advice! :(


  • tidgetidge PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well prior for resignation... you need at least 1 month to exit, some company requires 2 months prior to their resignation. you will considered AWOL because you did not finished the 1 month requirement for resignation.

    dahil ilang days ka lang naman... and kung hindi mo nilagay yung company sa resume mo as your work experience wala kang dapat ipag alala.

    lahat yan taxable.
  • RedparkRedpark PEx Rookie ⭐
    Tidge is right, Kung Di mo lalagay Sa resume mo, u don't have to worry about it. Hindi Nila malalaman Kung Di mo dedeclare. I was in the same situation back then. I had 2 hospital experience one in St. Luke's Na iniwan Ko after a week at sa Mary Johnston hospital Na iniwan Ko after 2 days... Di Ko din sila nilagay Sa resume Ko at it never affected my succeeding job application.
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