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Wanted: copies of 'Flight of Dragons,' 'The Last Unicorn,' and Twilight Zone!

Guys, I fell in love with this cartoon (featuring the voice of John Ritter) when I was a kid...and I haven't watched it since! Do any of you know where I can purchase or rent a copy?

While I'm at it, do any of you know where I can get a copy na rin of the cartoon 'The Last Unicorn'?

Finally, does anybody have taped episodes of 'The Twilight Zone' (1980's version)?



  • Aragorn pahiram na rin nung Flight of The Dragons... And anyone know where I can get a copy of History Of The World ??? That was one funny movie...
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hey guys, I have a VHS copy of Flight of Dragons!
  • Finally, fellow fans!

    nix, where did you get that copy? The copies I know of, puro recorded from local tv airings long, looooong time ago...nostalgic pa 'yung mga nasamang tv ads hehe

    Aragorn, son of Arathorn...alam ko dati they stopped producing copies coz Peter Dickinson sued the studio for unpaid royalties...but I just checked out Amazon.com...mukhang meron na. :)
    Incidentally, I have the 2 books on which the film was based. <;
    I just added that in for the "inggit" value ;)

    The Last Unicorn! [Was thinking of using Amalthea as my nick here] Ewan ko lang kung meron 'to sa video stores. I was just able to watch this again coz my friend has a vhs copy. Has anyone read the book? Heard it was very good.

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  • Kams...

    "Yes, Lord, I will pass on unto thy people your fifteen...[dropping a tablet]..er...ten commandments." :D

  • litel_angellitel_angel PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ay grabe, i love the Last Unicorn but i never got the chance to watch it ng buo. palaging patapos na pag napapanood ko. i happened to watch it once sa cable tv pero patapos na din, di ko na nasimulan. i love it tlaga! sana one day ipalabas ulit yun. :bounce:
  • Ang tagal na nito ah.... napanood ko yung Flight of Dragons and The Last Unicorn sa Betamax pa, then sa mga local channels. Astig yung drawings. Geesh... 80's nostalgia. I know sa mga VHS stores sa SM nakakita ako before, try mo rin sa Toy Kingdom, dami diyan.
  • The Rock has a copy of Flight of Dragons on VHS, di lang nga sobrang linaw. Still, it's clear enough that you can understand the whole story. The Rock also borrowed a copy of The Last Unicorn from a friend, dapat nga ibalik ko na eh.:*)
  • The Last Unicorn is a wonderful book. one my absolute favorites and the animated is feature was excellent I love that movie. :)
  • some ACA stores used to have the flight of dragons. way cool movie. it wasn't based on the book, though. the book was not really fiction as in a narration of a story, but an exposition of the possible scientific explanation of flight of dragons if they did exist.

    i read somewhere in the net that the last unicorn will be turned into a live action feature film. i think richard harris will be in it. could be interesting.

    i miss the twilight zone...
  • <==== has a copy of "Flight of Dragons" and "Twighlight Zone: The Movie"- VCD format nga lang.

    You could get VCD copies of Flight of Dragons and The Last Unicorn from Raymond of Comics Sale (Camia Lane 3rd Floor, Virra Mall, Greenhills)

    I got the Twighlight Zone movie from SM Gamol
  • oh, i would love to have copies of those two:
    flight of the dragons and the last unicorn... memories of childhood :)

    kaya lang layo sa min ng virra mall.... :(

    if ever there is one who could send me (will just make arrangements for payment and postage) please let me know...email? :)

    thanks so much!
  • I have the vcds if anyone is interested just pm me and I can burn you a copy of either Last Unicorn or Flight of Dragons.
  • whytewhyte PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It took me almost 2 hours to download THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS using KaZaa.
    I watched it then. It sure brings back the memories.

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