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[BBC] CLOSE TO THE ENEMY ( Starring Jim Sturgess & Freddie Highmore )

DAKINDAKIN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

BBC Two’s Close to the Enemy is set in war-damaged London, following a set of characters whose lives were changed forever by the second World War.

1) It’s from Stephen Poliakoff

The acclaimed writer behind Perfect Strangers and Shooting the Past has written and directed this seven-part historical drama.

2) It’s set just after World War II

The story follows a British intelligence office Cpt. Callum Ferguson, who captures German scientist in Dieter Koehler in the wake of World War II. Koehler has to help the British RAF develop the jet engine as the threat of the Cold War looms.

The drama largely takes place in a hotel in London, still bomb-damaged from the war.

3) The cast is fantastic

In the lead role is Jim Sturgess, best known for his roles in One Day and Cloud Atlas.

“It’s brilliant because it is so delicate,” he explains. “It is very different from American TV scripts which are full of twists and turns and shocks and cliff-hangers. There is none of that in Stephen’s writing. His work is so enthralling. You want to continue down the corridor with him and have a peek.”

Also starring is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Freddie Highmore as Callum’s younger brother, traumatised by the war, as well as Charlotte Riley, Alfred Molina, Game of Thrones’ Alfie Allen,Robert Glenister and Angela Bassett.


  • DAKINDAKIN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Can't wait to watch this later.

    After watching the lavish production of The Crown, medyo nanabik ako dito bigla.

    I also like Jim and Freddie.

    And nandito si Angela ha?

  • DAKINDAKIN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Done with the Pilot.

    Hmmmm...kinda mixed ako.

    It's a slow pilot.
    Parang hindi kasi interesting ang plot.

    Though stunning ang location.
    Captured nila ang late 40s.

    Hindi pala gaanong deep ang accent ni Jim.
    Para tuloy wooden ang acting niya.
    I dunno nanibago lang ako.
    Ang guapo lang niya. As in.

    As expected hindi mawawala ang element of Jazz ni Poliakoff. Kinuha nila ata si Angela just for the jazz.

    I'll check episode 2 kung magiging interesting pa.

    Pero hindi ko pwedeng sabihin na grabeee ang ganda watch nyo ito :lol:
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