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I dunno if it's showing there in Manila yet. This is absolutely the best new show this season!

It's about 3 teens who live in Roswell, NM. They are aliens that came from the Roswell crash in 1959. One of the guys (he's that rich guy in Dawson's) is in love with this girl who got shot and he saved her life thus reviling(sp?) his true nature.

So, the story revolves around those 2 and the ppl around them.


  • BoNiTaBoNiTa Member PExer
    i watched an episode but i didn't like it that much, the guy's too serious... he doesn't smile at all....
    reveal..... correct spelling
  • JonnyJonny Charonte Demon PExer
    Bonita: Thanks for the spelling! ;) I knew it was something along those lines.. hehe..

    yah, They're all supposed to be serious being they are all hiding something. You do remember him from Dawson's Creek, right?
  • terjeterje Sullen Gurl PExer
    yup. jason behr (who plays max in 'roswell') played chris in dawson's creek. i think he's really cute.
    i like roswell, although it certainly seems like a ripoff. kind of like 'my so called life' meets 'x files', huh?
    but i think max and liz (his luv interest) make a cute couple.
  • JonnyJonny Charonte Demon PExer
    man, Season 2 is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's going great so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best show on TV this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Please continue the discussion in this thread. Thanks! :)
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