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Cable channel that you'd like to see in the Phil.

Instead of having all those useless foreign cable channels, what other channel would you rather have? I think that Comedy Central would be a good idea.


  • i totally agree with u...i love south park!
    i mean it would be nice to watch it regularly instead of watching it in vhs or vcd (they have it on wawaw channel but my cable company doesn't support that channel)
    besides while watching the vhs copies of south park, i saw some pretty funky shows

    the usa network's also nice... i can get to watch raw is war in real time (delayed naman kasi palagi yung sa star sports eh)
  • Sci-Fi Channel!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Comedy Central!

    South-park! South-park!
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I miss FEN in cable when the US bases were still here. I'd like to get the top 3 US channels-- ABC, NBC and CBS--that way I don't have to watch yet another rerun of Dawson's Creek or Ally McBeal on the local channels.
  • they say they're putting up an all-NBA channel...I wish local cable companies bring it in!
  • Once again I agree with Caramba. Comedy Central!! Meron na yun dati sa sky cable eh, nawala pa. Anu ba yan!

    Siguro rin the all NBA all the time channel. Pero baka magsawa lang ako sa NBA nyan eh.
  • 1. VH1: it is way cooler than MTV in the States right now with shows like Behind the Music, Legends, Storytellers, and Ladies First.
    2. Comedy Central: more south Park for all of us, Win Ben Stein's Money, and The Man Show
    3. espn2: you can't get enough of sports!
    4. Sci-fi: re-runs of The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Bionic Woman, Star Trek the Original Series, and other sci-fi stuff.
    5. ESPN Classic Sports: Like The Rock said, you can't get enough of sports!
    6. USA Network: So that the millions... and millions of The Rock's fans can watch WWF Raw live and not delayed by three weeks!

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin!
  • I just felt like digging this topic out of the grave ... especially since "some" of our cable providers seem to be regressing towards the stone age!
  • kahit wala ako dyan...

    NBC: so u guys could watch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. sobrang funny ng mga skits nila.

    WB: so people don't have to watch reruns or wait so long for a new season of Dawson's Creek and other wb shows.

    Comedy Central: u can watch reruns of Saturday Night Live and yeah...SOUTH PARK.

    MTV: not mtv asia. para naman mas maraming videos from US ang mapanood. TRL(Total Request Live), Diary, MTV Cribs, Road Rules, Real World, and Mtv Unplugged.
  • Sci-fi Channel.
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Comedy Central, The Sci Fi Channel, a dedicated MSNBC so there's Conan every night, and for WOWOW to be available to more than just the lucky few.
  • Originally posted by freelanceguru
    Sci-fi Channel.

    here here! :up:
  • Anime Channels (meron ba nun?) saka dapat me WoWoW .. heheh ..
  • Dapat wag kalimutan ang Playboy Channel ... bwahaha :crazytongue:
  • Originally posted by Ira
    I miss FEN in cable when the US bases were still here. I'd like to get the top 3 US channels-- ABC, NBC and CBS--that way I don't have to watch yet another rerun of Dawson's Creek or Ally McBeal on the local channels.

    yeah, i miss that channel too...dun nga ako natutong mag-appreciate ng US game shows (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud) and some soap operas (Guiding Light, General Hospital)...sana nga may ABC, CBS and NBC na dito sa Pinas!
  • I like ABC, CBS, and NBC here but I think sobrang mahal yun for our cable companies to get. Those channels don't have any Asian affiliates like sa Disney Channel may Disney Channel Asia na.
  • o pag na-seal ko ang deal with Comedy Central, subscribe kayo sa dream ah! :)

    JAMBO: meron kaming version ng "playboy" channel! hehehe... kangkangan to the max, 24 hours a day... (INGGITTTT!!!:))

    CHEZMARIA: teka may trinity broadcasting kami ah!

    for the US networks you guys want: the problem with that is that, they do not have the license to broadcast ALL of their programs here in south east asia... so you can not exactly mirror-copy their programming...

    cge example na lang, comedy central.... we can not mirror copy their programming line-up since they do not carry the license for Saturday Night live and Whose line is it anyway... kaya different negotiation pa yun.....

    ganun din sa mga US networks... kaya mahirap silang dalhin dito sa asia...

    yun lang...

    pero pag napasok ko yang mga channels na yan: subscribe kayo sa dream ah! hehehehe :)
  • during the early 90's, there used to be ABC in local cable. But I don't know why it disappeared. I used to love watching cartoons on that channel during Saturday nights til dawn.........

    Why not PlayBoy Channel........:naughty:
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