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Turn that movie into a typical pinoy movie...

CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
I'll give this topic a shot, just not sure if a lot will reply. Try doing this with your friends, hilarious!

Susan Sarandon would die, there will be a funeral, the kids will accept Julia Roberts in the cemetery, then they will walk away. Credits.

Neo and Trinity would get married, and then they will all go to the beach and have a song and dance number! Credits.


  • 13th warrior
    asbjorn riis will die of the mother wendol's poison, antonio banderas will overcome all his fears [height, pain, etc], lead the other warriors in killing all the bad guys & marry the king's daughter to the cheers of the 11 surviving warriors

    the blair witch project
    the blair witch will pop up every so often during the search for josh flying in her broomstick while cackling through her prosthetic nose
  • Die Hard: Fight in warehouse
    Die Hard 2: Fight in warehouse
    Die Hard 3: Fight in warehouse
  • :lol: @ The Matrix

    Maybe we should change the title to... That's Matrix ! :rotflmao:

    Parang Dot Matrix... :redgrin:
  • ....gosh..remember how they've butchered Speed? ...

    Keanu running as he hold Sandra's hand (in slow-mo) and the bus explodes in the background!! :boom: *hahahahaha*

    ...when Jack died and Rose has to let go of him...that scene where he was slowly sinking towards the the depths of the ocean? ....I could almost hear the background music of Barry Manilow's Somewhere down the road

    Bridget Jones Diary

    ...when Bridget's heart got broken ( I wouldn't want to blurt out why)..she would be lying in bed, on her stomach..her face turned on one side and tears would be streaming down her face *not to mention her sniffing her snot away*..all the while..the camera would zoom in her face..tapos matagal..nakafocus lang sa mukha niya yung camera *so close that you could actually watch at least a minute or two as her nostrils expands while she sniffles*, then background music would be Whitney Houston's Where do broken hearts go

    The Rock aka Return to Alcatraz

    ..maybe may scene na ganito na dun pero..
    ..Nick Cage firing his gun at the enemies, the enemy's back would be turned towards the camera, you will then see holes poppin out at the backs of the enemy's shirt and they would go into a "seizure" and fall flat on their face ..oh yeah...as Nick Cage is firing at them..he would jumping sidewaysfrom a high place, say from a wall and he would have guns on both hands ...(slow mo 'to ah)..

    Tomb Raider
    ....I don't think the Philippine Film Industry would even consider putting a female that is as tough as Miss Croft in the movies....but to do that Pinoy style? ....Ms. Croft would've been gang raped and some other manwould save the day * oh that's wrong*


  • action movies:
    first the action star will lose his family or something, and then at the end, police cars will finish off those crooks..hehe..the usual filipino formula movies
    romantic movies:
    first the actor and the actress REALLY hates each other upon meeting for the first time..and then at the end, they'll end up together in the end...
  • Not that I'm insulting Pinoy movies--we have gems out there. Pero this time yung mga non-gems ang paguusapan ko.

    1. Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon-Si Lo and Jen magkakatuluyan. itataas ni Lo yung anak nilang lalaki at pabuhat-buhat pa sa sun rise, habang si Jen tumutawa at matching nanay na dance at pumapalakpak pa.(Fade to black roll credits-enter Coco Lee song matching MTV)

    2.Schindler's List-Colored.

    3.Sixth Sense- tatransform si Bruce Willis ala poltergeist smokey looking character...para implied na patay na siya.

    4.Pearl Harbor...eh Pinoy na!:lol:

  • The Mummy Returns: after evie saves her husband from death (the scene where he's falling into the hands of the dead), the o'connels feels sorry for Imhotep, saves him too, together they leave the place, Imhotep realises the goodness of peoples' hearts, forgives them, becomes best of friends, falls in love with someone gorgeous and kind and they all live happily ever after.
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