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Favorite Series on cable

What's your favorite series on cable? Don't count the ones shown locally or on Studio 23.

One of my favorites is "The Advetures of Pete and Pete" on Nickelodeon. It's such a funny and well-produced show. After one episode, i was hooked.


  • Ronald_Lawrence
    Ronald_Lawrence solitary by choice
    Hey, planetary! Cheers!

    I'd go for South Park on Comedy Central! That show is just too much! Aside for cartoons, my favorites are The Crow, The X-Files and Who Dares Wins. What do you think of my list?

    See ya 'round, pal...
  • nickelodeon's kablam! specially action league now, prometheus and bob, and the off-beats.
  • We don't have comedy central in the Ph right? I'd have to pick top gear as one of my favorite shows. Series ba yun? And syempre, well.. wcw and wwf. Teka, series rin ba yun?

  • Xiaoyu
    Xiaoyu Courtside Princess
    Rugrats & Kenan & Kel on Nickelodeon! The Rugrats are super cute, kaka-aliw talaga! Parang gusto ko na magka-anak :) Kenan & Kel naman, super funny! try watching it.
    Ako din, WWF, THA BOMB!!! :)
  • AngryBird
    AngryBird Anger Is A Gift
    The "Spawn" series on HBO. Much, much better than the movie, I should say. The Crow? I'd have to disagree on that. The series sort of took away the pain and anguish in the lead character which is an essential part for the plot to really kick *****.
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