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Cute Commercials

Ang daming babaduy na commercials... pero dito naman tayo sa mga cute! Dami ring naglalabasan na funny and "nakakatawag-pansin"! What's your favorite?!?

I like those Sprite Commercials... kakatawa eh! Pero pinakagusto ko yung Coke! Yung "bridesmaid ka lang!!!" and "hilarious!" Ahahay! ;)


  • the McDo commercial with the swinging baby.
  • 1. yung mga Dreyer's commerial
    2. yung PLDT....."dahil kaibigan kita meron kang discount"
    3. yung orange juice commercial...."Ayan pantay na!!"
    4. coke commercial...(cute nung girl sa "hilarious" commercial, ano kaya name nun, anybody knows?)
    5. sprite magpakatotoo ka commercial...esp the patricia javier one...
    6. barangay ginebra commercial...this is stanch taga-barangay ginebra...hehe, actually purefoods fan ako e...

  • For me, it's the Coke commercials of "bridesmaid ka lang!" and "hilarious!" hands down! Never felt so in-love with commercials such as these! Pinakaaabangan ko talaga yan! :)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    ay yeah! yung juice commercial! (pineapple juice yata yun eh)

    ayan pantay na! how cute!
  • My little brother (abt 5 yrs old) knows every word of the new coke commercial so I guess I'd have to say I think that's the cutest one for me right now.

    "O! Bat ang tagal nyo?"
  • - the DONUT BUY commercial

    - McDo swinging baby commercial, definitely a cutie! it makes me want to pull the baby off my tv screen and bring her to MikeyDz!

    - pam looks different (yung ikakasal tus sinampal nung bride yung groom) pond's whitening lotion commercial)

    what else...

    they're kinda luma na...actually luma na sobra but i still remember it like it was just yesterday

    - hi, i'm danielle...could i borrow a pepsi

    - there's a chinese soup. knorr realy chinese soup. knorr is one of a kind. just add one egg *tuk* (yung may egg tus ni-crack nya sa head ng bald chinese guy)

  • *~AzY~* :

    Hehehe. Sinapak actually! ;)

    Who is that girl?!?!?
  • grounded...i don't know eh. sorry. basta alam ko sinabi ng guy, pam looks different but i doubt that her name is really pam. nway, i don't really find her that pretty. you remember the camay commercial with nicole hernandez in it? grabe, ganda nya don! yuck, wait...girl ako, k? just thought i'd let you know b4 we get to the "pare, sexy ni joyce jimenez" type of conversations :)

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