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Holy Fool (Yurodivy)

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Iurodstvo is the Russian word for the idea of “holy foolishness” for Christ’s sake. It’s a form of asceticism that has been practiced within the Russian Orthodox church for centuries.
Its practitioners feign madness in order to provide the public with spiritual guidance. The aim too is to avoid praise and acclaim for perceived holiness. It’s a radical form of humility as well.

According to Russian Orthodox scholar Svetlana Kobets: “The holy fool’s exploit is that of secret sanctity, which above all promotes the non-ontological understanding that all of God’s created world is a sacred place. By his feigned madness the holy fool opts to say that the lowliest of the low can be not the poor wretch he appears to be, but a holy one and God’s prophet. He shares his power and authority with all the weak, mocked and despised thus symbolically destroying clear-cut distinctions between the profane and the sacred.”


May mga naencounter na ba kayong taong di nyo magets, or inaakala nyong baliw o addict na nagpopost ng mga bagay bagay na sa una ay parang puzzle sa inyo o di normal pero sa bandang huli nagreresonate sa inyo at nauunawaan nyo na unti unti?

Baka sila ay yurodivy.

Sa Russia, ang mga yurodivy ay ang mga ginigiveup ang mga material goods, naglalakad sa kalye na marumi ang suot o minsan ay hubad, parang baliw at taong grasa. Pero sa loob loob nila, sila ay purong naglilingkod sa Diyos.

Wala sa kulturang Pinoy ang mga yurodivy pagkat lahat ng mga nagaastang baliw at taong grasa ay pinandidirihan at itinataboy ng mga karaniwang tao.

Pero sa Russia, isang Tsar doon ang nagbigay reverence sa isang yurodivy matapos syang turuan ng isang mahalagang araw at pinatayuan nya pa ng isang napakandang cathedral.

Hango ang mga yurodivy sa practices ng mga Desert Fathers noong sinauna.

Importanteng verse ng tungkol sa mga Holy Fools

1 Corinthians 4:10

"We are fools for Christ's sake, but ye are wise in Christ; we are weak, but ye are strong; ye are honourable, but we are despised." (KJV).

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