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Movies you watch that made u regret...

jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
Sometimes you watch a movie out of impulse, a good trailer or simply because you have nothing else to do. Of those instances have u ever regretted watching a movie. What i mean there a movie that made u say "Sayang yung binayad ko!!"


  • M!M! Member PExer
    I can only remember two: Blair Witch and The Game.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    "Pare Ko."

    I actually thought that I would finally see a decent Filpino movie, but lo and behold, the gods had other plans. I got to hand it to Star Cinema though. They sure make good trailers. Too bad I can't say the same for their full-length counterparts.

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  • weyeweye Member PExer
    what's cameron's other movie? not mary and not my bestfriend's wedding? uh... something with good or evil or bad in the title. damn, i can't remember. anyway, it sucked. the plot was stupid. the actors weren't that good either. if it weren't for christian slater, i definately would have demanded for a refund.
  • bokyobokyo Member PExer
    rugrats the movie, pero at least libre lang ang ticket ko noon.
  • ChiQuiChiQui Member PExer
    Weye... I know what you mean. I would have to say that that would also be the movie that I regret watching. I think the title is Leaving Minnesota? I'm not sure...
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    I think weye's referring to Very Bad Things...and yes, it was a very bad movie.
    And I believe Chiqui's referring to Feeling Minnesota (with Cameron and Keanu).
    Most of the films I regret watching are those Pinoy sex flicks which are supposed to be "art films". Case in point: Paraiso ni Efren (I think Genevieve would agree with me on this). Kasalanan ko ba kung interesting ang mga ganitong klaseng sine? =)
  • weyeweye Member PExer
    Yoshi, yup. that's it! thanks for supplying the title. hatalang terrible yung movie coz i couldn't even remember that detail.

    ChiQui, i also got to watch that movie of Cameron. it was kind of bad but Very Bad Things must be Cameron's worst movie. there was no relevant plot, it was gory (puro patayan) & worst of all, it was unrealistic. btw, what's so terrible with Feeling Minnesota?
  • hunterhunter Member PExer
    The Blairwitch Project & Waterboy
  • feeling minnesota !!! grrrr....
  • parkerparker Member PExer
    Blair Witch it is!!!
    and also, The Quick and the Dead.
  • babesbabes Member PExer
    the thirteenth warrior!!!!
  • kulupingkuluping hmmmm.... PExer
    agree with babes -- the thirteenth warrior was really bad... the trailer was more exciting and thrilling!!!

    Hope Floats , starring Sandra B., I almost slept through the whole movie.

    Can't Hardly Wait, starring Jennifer L.H., i don't know what got into me to consider watching that film...

    GO <;if not only for Katie Holmes...>;
  • jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
    very bad things was bad
    13th warrior was very bad (knowing its a high budget film)
    blair witch --- sobrang hyped
    at saka.....TITANIC (nainis lang ako...)

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  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hercules and the Amazon Women!


    Actually, nag trip lang kami ng friends ko. The whole movie became useless in the end... Di ko ma-explain. Basta, it SUCKED. Ehehehe
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    Blair Witch---I don't it's worth the movie ticket money. Buti na lang di ako ang nagbayad.
    54---I was expecting too much but eventually napa-duh na lang ako. Kala ko substantial role ni Neve Campbell!
    Hope Floats---Nakakainis talaga!
    Yung Christian Slater starrer na may malalaking roses!
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    kuluping: But I liked Go!!! I think it was nicely done. Although the first parts were kinda malabo and boring, once the whole story is told it gets very interesting. Pero agree ako sa Can't Hardly Wait and Hope Floats.

    jack:Oo nga. Nakakainis talaga yung Titanic.
    Talk about real hype! I was really expecting the movie to be very nice, what with all the hoopla surrounding it. Pero, duh! Take away the boat, take away the actors, take away the budget, and you have this small story that even Judy Ann and Wowie can execute with the same flair. Let's not forget to mention that it took the people almost one hour to drown...the movie was too long. I only watched it once because I didn't want to experience the whole trauma all over again.
    I even hated it more when it won all those awards sa Oscars and even tying the all-time record. Buti na lang puro technical and it didn't get acting awards...pero why did it have to win Best Picture and Best Director??? I must admit I thought the Oscars lost their credibility on that one. (hi sa mga titanic fans...opinion lang... :)).
  • greeneaglegreeneagle Member PExer
    SCORPIO NIGHTS 2 !!!! wala naman pinakita si joyce jimenez, bad trip. i was expecting her to be as bold as that girl from part 1.
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    The Rock says that "The 13th warrior" is not as bad as you guys may say. If you're in the mood for a heroic quest, something along the lines of Mel Gibson's "Bravehart" or Schwarzenneger's "Conan the Barbarian", you'll probably enjoy "The 13th Warrior". The Rock knows he did. "The Blair Witch Project" didn't live up to the hype as the action only started thrity minutes into the film. If we had all seen it before the hype, maybe we all would have been more impressed. But it wasn't as bad as these following flicks.

    The most regrettable movies have to be "Meet Joe Black", "Godzilla", "The Thin Red Line" and "54" Mas sayang 'yung "54" kasi dollars ang ginastos doon sa Chicago. Kung gusto niyo ng braindead movie pero puro action, "Universal Soldier: The Return" is for you. If you smell what The Rock is cookin!
  • sinnedsinned Banned by Admin PExer
    lake placid (el cocodrilo sa latin america).


    Oh so.

  • buttercupbuttercup Member PExer
    blair witch project- walang kwenta
    chaplin- napilit lang kase ako!

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