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Dra. Caballa of Marikina Valley (NOT RECOMMENDED)

I don't recommend DRA. CECILE CABALLA of Marikina Valley. We had a worst experience with her. At first you'll think na she's kind and polite, but we were wrong. It's all about money lang.
Good thing it wasn't too late to look for another OB.


  • Hi. Can I have more info on this? Recommended kasi siya by someone, so I dont know kung sa kanya ba ko magpapaOB or not. Thank you!!!
  • This is not fair. Your post is trying to ruin the reputation of a very good doctor. She has been my OB Gyne since 2013, and I only have good words to say about her.
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    the thread starter failed to detail her (bad) experience with the OB Gyne.  Same with the satisfied patients.  I think this thread will be beneficial if both sides are "aired".  Also, it will be unfair to the subject if we generalize things and not be objective with our posts.
  • Hi guys. I also had the worst experience from dra.caballa. I had a surgery early this year and she was the surgeon. Prior the surgery, like 1 to 2 weeks prior, she was hesitant to do it. Excuses like she was on leave and that marikina valley's instrument needed for my surgery has to be scheduled and at that time, none was available. I still waited and asked for an urgent response because i needed the surgery to be done. She then told me that there is a cash out of 5k if done in marikina valley and 16k if done in metro antipolo. I have a healthcard so the entire hospitalization was covered and i chose marikina valley which meant, cash out was 5k. 
  • btw, she told me that 5k was for a fee she has to give to an assistant doctor who guided her through the operation. I checked the bill, there was none indicated an assistant doctor nor a 5k fee. Yet, i shrugged the thought of anything bad about it. As i was about to be discharged, she reminded me to visit to her clinic in marikina valley to give her the 5k for the so-called fee. I was still a little nauseaous but as a courtesy, went there to thank and give her the money. I asked for an OR. She did not give any. I was surprised to the thought of "under the table" nga ba yung nangyari. Until this day, never have i imagined ahe would go low as seeking money from her patients and not being apologetic about it. Duh.

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    @fundge69y Same thing happened to us, she also told us that the insurance wasn’t enough to cover her professional fee considering i was just admitted for 1 day and my insurance covers her professional fee plus aside from my insurance i also have a philhealth and so she asked for additional 4k more, i talked to my relative which happen to be working at the same hospital and advised us not to give her any money. Dra. Caballa also asked us not to let the nurses on duty know about our conversation and asked me to wait for her in the room and hand her the money even though we already have the discharge slip.
    She is not nice as what everyone thought she is.

    @honey.buny.mom I hope i searched for this thread before i decided to choose her as my ob. 
  • DRA. CABALLA 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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