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Best Movie House You've Been In

Any comments on this. Personally, I still prefer Greenbelt theaters. I think mainly its because of the reasonable admission fee they charge. Glorietta Cinemas, too small, too expensive. But if you like it, hey, I have nothing against that. It's not like I'm a cheap-skate or anything. I just like to get my money's worth, catch my drift! :)


  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    i like the Glorietta ones because it's a different case for me...smaller theatres, the better.....i don't like the feeling of watching a movie with half of manila beside me. and the chairs are really comfortable. To each his own, di ba? And i usually watch the movies in the the guaranteed seating place.

    yun lang ;)
  • M!M! Member PExer
    Greenbelt's okay but lately, they're not anymore very particular (it seems) with what kind of movie to show. At least it's not that crowded anymore.

    Glorietta's great kaya lang expensive. Advanced screenings cost P200, but for me it's the most comfortable movie house around...the crowd knows how to behave inside too.

    Robinson's Place Malate's nice too. Movie tickets for advanced screenings is sold at their regular price (P45 de luxe & P60 premiere). Super advanced pa! About the crowd? ...pwede na, just concentrate on the movie.

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  • ChiQuiChiQui Member PExer
    Sta. Lucia's cinemas are clean. Aside from that, they added a little design to their cinemas so that they don't look plain. And let's not forget those little cup holders by the arm rests. :)
  • casimirocasimiro Member PExer
    hmmm.......ive been to Louies THX....its a nice place but i feel weird because maybe of the crowd...sosi ang dating....for me the best movie house where i feel relaxed is in Festival Mall....the crowd is okay.....aircondition is at its full blast....=>;
  • weyeweye Member PExer
    best would be Louie's THX kaya nga lang, tama si PoLoBoY_YaY nakakailang yung crowd. but their audio is superb! i prefer the Gale cinemas though - clean na and decent pa yung crowd. but because of the limited number of cinemas, konti lang an choices. pero okay pa rin.
  • bluegglessblueggless Banned by Admin PExer
    In order of preference:

    1. Alabang Town Center
    2. Festival Alabang
    3. Glorietta 4
    4. Greenbelt
    5. Robinson Galleria
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
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