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JOSHUA GARCIA: HBD @ 19! From PBB Cutie to Handsome Leading Man | Thread #7





Joshua Espineli Garcia (born October 07, 1997) is a Filipino film and TV actor. He started his career in showbiz as a PBB Housemate (2014) and dubbed as “The Tatay’s Boy In Batangas”. He is best known for his roles in TV series such as Nasaaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita (Joel -2015) and The Greatest Love (Z -2016). He has also notable roles in the longest-running drama anthology, Maalaala Mo Kaya (2016), where he plays as a transgender who falls in love with a woman (Puno).

Garcia was nominated in the 29th PMPC Star Awards for Television as Best New Male TV Personality for his performance in Nasaaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita.

He is currently managed and under contract to Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s home-based talent agency.



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    [QUOTE=etherial_fist;76101548]Eto ba yung indie movie? :hmm:[/QUOTE]

    Mainstream yang "The Ghost Wedding" bes starring Kim Chiu directed by Chito Ro?o","
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    Joshua Garcia was born on October 7, 1997 in Bauan, Batangas. He is the second son of of Geo Garcia and Marife Espineli. Renza is his older sister.

    At present, he lives with his dad, stepmom and three half brothers. According to him, he regards his father highly because of his hardworking traits that served as inspiration for him. Before he met his father he lived with his Uncle who is a priest after his parents separated. He also noted that his stepmom treats him as her own child and he has a good relationship with his half brothers.

    Joshua with his siter Renza

    Joshua with Tito Geo

    Joshua with Tita Fe

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    Every year, Joshua is doing charity works as his way to give back for the blessings that he received. Some notable charity services he did were organized by his fans.

    On his first birthday after PBB, Team Joshua organized an event in the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly. He entertained and prepared food and gifts for the elderly people nursed and sheltered by the institution.


    The second charity event he graced was organized by JoshAne fans together with Jane Oineza during their Christmas Party.


    The third was held in Paaralang Elementary ng Gotamco. With the efforts of Tropang Joshua. Joshua Garcia distributed school supplies to the pupils from Kinder to Grade 3 of Gotamco School Pasay, City.


    Truly, this young man is not only blessed with goog looks but he has also a big heart willing to help others. See you on his next charity event!

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    He finished elementary Grade in Bauan Elementary School. While he continued secondary level in Bauan National High School. He was a dancer and member of Batangas’ Cultural Dance Group, Sining Kumintang. His group even went to Italy to perform there as a representative of our country.


    He didn’t finished high school but he passed the Alternative Learning System, a program of the Department of Education Culture and Sports, allowing students who didn’t graduate in High School due to some unavoidable circumstances to continue their studies in College provided that they pass the examination given by the department.


    Link:2014 ALS A&E_Secondary Level (E-N)[/U]

    He is yet to decide which course he will pursue in the future.


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    [center-hidden]:cheerleader:Showbiz Career:cheerleader:


    Joshua Garcia is dubbed by PBB as “Tatay’s Boy ng Batangas,” he is one of the teen housemates who spent some days inside the country’s most popular house, the PBB house to live with 17 other housemates. He was the seventh PBB All In housemate introduced on April 27, 2014.


    Check out for his audition piece:

    There are three most memorable moments he had during his stay in the house. The first one was when his mother visited him and they talked about why she abandoned him when he was still a baby and left in the care of his uncle.

    Link: Emotional Mom watches his son dance For the First Time

    Second was when his father visited him during the Tigil Galaw Task to give him strength and moral support. It is when the time he thought of doing a Voluntary Exit.

    Watch the emotional encounter of father and son.

    And the last one was when he got voted out from the house by the voting public. He finished 5th place on the said program and evicted from the famous house on August 17, 2014.

    Here's a clip of his last day inside the house.

    But this doesn't stop him from pursuing his dreams. Even if he didn't win the title, his supporters continually showed their undying love for him.


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    After his stint in PBB, he was chosen to be one of the main casts of a family afternoon drama, Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita (2015), along with his co-PBB housemates Jane Oineza and Loisa Andalio to whom he was both romantically linked with during their stay in the popular house. The series was aired on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from January 19, 2015 to October 16, 2015. His role was Joel Galvez, Corrine (Jane Oineza) and Bea’s (Loisa Andalio) childhood playmate and the son of their parents’ bestfriends. Makulit and kalog, he adds life and charm to the otherwise hard and demanding life of the sisters. In contrast to Corrine and Bea, Joel grew up in a happy family with loud, noisy and kalig funny parents.He harbors a secret crush in Corrine even as a child. Reaching teenage years with the feelings growing even stronger and pushed further by the fact that a rich kid is stealing Corrine’s attention, he tries to get help from Bea, even if he knows that his bestfriend has intense feelings for him.




    Check out for the official website of NKNKK: NKNKK

    Here are some clips of his best scenes on the series:

    Conflict Of Interest



    Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako

    In A Relationship


    Bestfriend Or Not

    Confession Of Love

    True Feelings

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    [center-hidden]:*)Contract Signing:*)


    With only 1 year in showbiz, he got to sign a two-year contract deal with Star Cinema on April 23, 2015, ABS-CBN’s film outfit and producer of box-office hit movies in the Philippines. He was initially informed as one of the lead stars of the horror-flick Blood Crayons but later on the management decided to pull him out of the project.


    He did a cameo appearance in Maja Salvador’s romance-drama movie You’re Still The One as her free spirited younger brother (May 27, 2015).

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    [center-hidden]*okay*TV Guestings*okay*

    He also appeared on ABS-CBN’s TV shows like MatangLawin, Banana Split, Tonight With BoyAbunda, Aquino and Abunda Tonight, KrisTV, It’s Showtime, LUV U, Kaya Mo Bang, The Singing Bee, Family Feud, Magandang Buhay, Umagang Kay Ganda, Ipaglaban Mo, GGV, MYX, and Maalaala Mo Kaya.

    The Singing Bee

    Family Feud

    It's Showtime

    Aquino And Abunda Tonight

    LUV U

    Magandang Buhay


    Ipaglaban Mo

    Kris TV
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    [center-hidden]Maalaala Mo Kaya Acting Debut


    He was given notable roles on his MMK guestings. The first one was on January 02, 2015 where he plays as Pablo, the eldest son of a poor family who struggled to bring back his family after a series of mysterious events. He co-starred with Assunta De Rossi and Arjo Atayde.(31.9%)


    Simon's Secrets

    Brother's Misery

    The second one was last February 13, 2015 where he acted as a transgender who finds love in a very mysterious way. His role is Ernesto and later on became Barbie and then returned back to Ernesto after realizing that true love doesn’t depend on any gender. It is one of the highest rated episodes of MMK in 2015 (35.4%).

    GoodBye Ernesto, Hello Barbie


    Another Chance
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    [center-hidden]:(Career Low, Disappointments And Controversies:(

    He auditioned and passed for the boygroup Hashtags on It’s Showtime but didn’t make it to the group’s launching because his talent management feels he is best fit as a solo artist.

    Link:Joshua Garcia, no regrets na ‘di naisama sa Hashtags


    He was one of the reported main casts of the Primetime romance-comedy series Born For You as ElNella’s third wheel. He even did a screentest and attended the story conference of the defunct TV series. But later on, he was replaced by Jimboy Martin of PBB and put him to anither project instead.


    Link:Jimboy Martin joins Janella Salvador-Elmo Magalona teleserye; Joshua Garcia, out?

    The same fate he had on KathNiel’s Primetime series Pangako Sa Yo because of some conflict in schedules.


    Link: EXCLUSIVE: Joshua Garcia reveals reason he turned down ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ role[/center-hidden]
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    After he lost one project, he became a regular performer on ASAP(2015-present), an All-Star Sunday afternoon variety show where he showcases his talent in dancing and singing. He also got the chance to share the stage with his idols. He is dubbed as one of the newest dance idols together with Janella Salvador, Loisa Andalio, and Jerome Ponce.


    Link: ASAP's newest dance idols Janella, Jerome, Loisa and Joshua

    For more videos. Visit ASAP Official Page: ASAP 2016 [/center-hidden]
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    After series of disappointments, a new project gave new hope to this young lad. Inang Olive Lamasan, a brilliant director chose him to be part of her upcoming movie, Barcelona, A Love Untold(2016) which is currently breaking box-office records since it started showing on movie theaters. He played the role Tonying, a free-spirited cousin of Ely played by Daniel Padilla. Critics and moviegoers have only nice words about his performance in the top-billed KathNiel movie. It was released on September 14, 2016.



    Some of the good reviews about Joshua's performance on the movie


    Link:5 random things to look forward to
    4) Joshua Garcia

    We all know the young star registers well on the camera and we’ve already seen his acting jobs on TV a couple of times but it’s safe to say that former PBB teen housemate Joshua Garcia proved himself film-worthy this time. The few scenes you’ll see him in are made with impact with either funny quips or a heart-tugging dramatic moment. It was a good call to throw Joshua into a mother-and-son teamup with seasoned dramatic actress, Aiko Melendez. Their limited exposure as supporting stars still emerged maximized.










    To check for updates about the movie. Visit the official webpage: Barcelona: A Love Untold
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    He is now currently associated with two big projects. First one is a family-drama afternoon serye, The Greatest Love together with great ensemble cast. The teleserye tackles about Alzheimer’s disease which is being relevant among families nowadays. He played a 16 years old boy, Amanda’s(Dimple Romana) only child with her husband, Chad (Luis Alandy). Gloria’s (Sylvia Sanchez) most favorite person not to mention only grandson. A typical millenial with multi-potenstialities and straight A’s, he dabbles into theatre and filmmaking and uses this skill to document his family. His closeness with his grandmother becomes an issue between him and his mother.


    His co-stars sharing about Joshua's potential and talent

    Short clips of Joshua's scenes in the series

    The Thief Girl

    Trust Issues

    Z Apologizes to Amanda

    The Greatest Love: Love Untold | Full Episode 2

    The Greatest Love: Reunited | Full Episode 3

    The Greatest Love Presscon

    Click the link for more updates: The Greatest Love [/center-hidden]
  • [center-hidden] Personal Life

    During his stint on PBB, he admitted to Big Brother that he already had 3 girlfriends. He was once linked with his former loveteams Jane Oineza and Loisa Andalio. During PBB, he also admitted that he was attracted to both ladies and eventually he confessed his love to Jane on National TV but it didn’t push through after PBB. The three teens did the afternoon soap NKNKK after PBB. And the rivalry among loveteam fandoms became more intense at that time. JoshAne (Joshua and Jane) versus LoiShua(Loisa and Joshua). Jane was eventually paired with Jerome Ponce and romantically linked with Jeron Teng.

    While Joshua stick with his loveteam Loisa but at the end they parted ways since Loisa is being paired with other teen actors.

    While Joshua is now being paired with Julia Barretto via the movie Vince and Kath And James


    and to Kira Ballinger via The Greatest Love.


    At first, he is supposed to do a serye and a movie with Janella Salvador but didn’t yet materialize.


    As of the moment, Joshua is very much available and claiming he wanted to focus more on his career.

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    Shoes: JUMP



    Skin Care: Aivee Institute


    Dental Care: GAOC Dental

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    [center-hidden]Social Media Accounts


    Get the latest updates about Joshua Garcia on his social media accounts:

    Joshua Garcia’s Official Twitter: @iamjoshugarcia
    Joshua Garcia’s Official Instagram: @garciajoshuae


    96k. not so updated. (target ko din ito for admin)
    (Team Joshua Garcia)
    (Joshuaholic Party Club)

    Twitter FCs:



    Check also his official webpage manage by Team Joshua Admins: Team Joshua
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    His meassage to Team Joshua PEx
    Thanks to Dan:love:[/center-hidden]
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    [center-hidden]Up Close And Personal

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    Hoping for a more fruitful year to Joshua's career and to all of us as we start this new thread.

    Let's all watch his first music video appearance featuring ReoBrothers' song Ako'y Tinamaan which has more than 3million views and counting.

    His first acting debut on Dear MOR together with fellow PBB housemate Loisa

    And his first TV commercial, Tamang Sustansya, Aming Pag-asa: The U4HK Anthem


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