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if u like exorcist then watch this one...


  • i did hear about that movie from a friend of mine, and i'm definitely looking out for it.
    u know when it's opening in manila?
  • pinhead : whats this movie all about ?
  • sprite..Stigmata is the story of a certain atheist hairdresser who gets a rosary belonging to dead Brazilian priest then becomes afflicted with the wounds Christ bared on the cross. Then there's this chemist/priest ask to investigate this case if it's hoax or not.The plot is kinda controversial.Parang nanood ka ng Exorcist,Omen saka X-files.
    By the way the priest here (Gabriel Byrne)
    will be take the role of "satan" in November blockbuster(i think) movie End of Days,
    starring of course Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • pinhead : in your opinion, would u consider this film "satanic" ? ...just curious .... no offense meant, but one type of film that I consider "satanic" is Hellraiser ....
  • there have been so many recorded stigmatas. why they had to imply satanism and other occult attributes, one can only "attribute" to the general anti-catholic sentiments in hollywood.
  • 22o b ung nkuhang lost part daw ng gospel(found in 1945)? kc bat p nila nilagyan ng caption sa huli kng hindi? Prang anti-catholism ata un e kasi ba't nila ilalabas if vatican considered it as heresy.
  • |ostsou|
    |ostsou| ~Pazuzu~
    this movie is nothing compared to the exorcist.
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