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Which FRIEND are you?

I'm kinda new here so sensya na if im being kapal-muks in posting a new topic. anyway, i noticed from the topic posted by broom, "what's your fave tv series ?!?", that most of the replies included the series FRIENDS. im a friends-fan myself and i try not to miss an episode. i think one of the great things about them is that they deal with realistic issues that sometimes people stop and say, "hey! that's how i am!" or "that's exactly what i would do if i was her/him". so anyway, my question goes...(haba ba ng intro? hehe). Which character from the series can you identify yourself with, and why? i'm just curious i guess..

For me it has to be a mixture of Monica and Rachel. Monica dahel i'm a real neat-freak myself, and Rachel coz i share her passion for being in the fashion industry.


  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    I think I'm a mix of all the three guys. Ross, who's boring at times. Chandler, who loves making wise-***** cracks. Joey, who thinks of nothing but scoring.
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