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How bout the best commercial you saw on TV

hey, lets hear bout the best commercial u saw on TV.

for starters, i really liked the new commercial of McDonalds, the swinging baby? okei sa concept!

i know there's tons of commercials that have been aired and u also have ur own pick. so what is it gonna be??

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  • i like the mcdo commercial too, its soo cute :) another would be the levis commercial b4, ung sa space ata un..or sumthin...the dreyers commercial..hehe dancing baby!! and one of the pepsi commercials- (at first i thought it was coke..teehee) hehe b4, bears ba un?! to the tune of ymca (i think)..cutie ren un !! and a lot more...hehe... :) and the budweiser commercial !!!...kewl :)

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    [This message has been edited by broom (edited 09-20-1999).]
  • polgiepolgie Member PExer
    yo broom! i remember that levis commercial in space.. trivia: the girl there is actually a *he*! in case u don't know.

    ummm, i think the dancing bears are from pepsi, if im not mistaken..

  • polgie..abt the levis commercial...yup...i heard :)

    oh and abt the pepsi commercial...haha yah thanks for correcting me on that one pero i realized it b4 i got to read ur post :) tnx nweiz... :)
  • iwisiwis Member PExer
    hey! what abt the "wais si lumen" commercial <;hehehe>;

    i like swinging-crying-smiling baby mcdo commercial. sprite commercial <;the ever famous "ano ang gagawin mo" ang cutie pie ni ryan a.>; and one of the smb commercials :)
  • e_yumule_yumul Member PExer
    enrile telling people to patronize the "establishments" along mendiola and recto.


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