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2 or 7

pinheadpinhead booooooo! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
ako channel 7, kayo?


  • fReAkfReAk CPP-NPA Lost Command PExer
    as simple as you.. i'm for 7
  • stanchstanch Member PExer
    channel two ako...better programs eh..
    pero channel 13 pa rin da best..PBA kasi eh..
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Well, it really depends on what part of the programming you're after. For the whole news and public affairs bit, it's 2, with 7 a close second. If it's the morning programming, I'd give it to 2 (Alas 5:30, Sineskwela and the Kris show are all good). For lunch and afternoon, it's 7. For primetime, I think it's 2, again with 7 a close second.
    Personally, I've been used to watching 2, but there are nice shows on 7 that are worth watching. Not much of a difference, really.
    Studio 23 still is tops for me.
  • Yoshi...
    the same goes for me.
  • yakultyakult ok ka ba tiyan? PExer
    7. why? coz they don't have stupid names for their shows. they don't have
    "Richard loves Lucy, sweetie pie honey pie"
    "Kung kaya ni Mister, kaya ni misis"
    "Tarajing pot-pot"
    feeling kasi ng channel 2, cute sila e, tingnan nyo nangyari sa tatlopng idiot hosts ng kanilang noontime show.
    yakult: i have to agree... stupid titles....they think they appeal to the masa...pati movies nila ( * cinema) come up w/ stupid titles such as "i do i die" "tatlong tatay kong pakitotngkitong" and of course, the best...ispritkitik. i have to admit, it never fails to make me laugh, but they certainly don't make me want to watch them....

    BBC and/or MTV na lang
  • anferneeanfernee Member PExer
    i'd go for 7. over-all this station is the best balanced of all local tv channels.

    i think that channel 2 has been "lording it over" only because of its "mass" appeal, which is another way of saying the class of their programming leaves much to be desired. i think channel 7 is the station that has best struck the balance between the viewers' tastes and "quality" programming. of course, it still needs improvement, as do the other channels.

    besides, channel 2 has been copying from channel 7 and pirating its talents. case in point: "ang dating doon" segment of bubble gang, evening newscasts done in tagalog. as for talents, the most recent pirated talents are mari kaimo and boy abunda.
  • stanchstanch Member PExer
    i like channel 7's new show..ung "L"
    it features ruffa, ina, sunshine, teresa loyzaga, n berna allyson....lahat pretty n sexy...
    nice program, sure hit yan, i guess
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    and the network war begins...
    just post which station you like better and the reason why...
    no channel switching!
  • skirTskirT -=[eGypTiAn]=- PExer
    TWO definitely.. better stars, better shows, better lighting, better concepts.. classier by all means..
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
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