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Probability of Passing the DCAT

*I posted this in the DLSU thread also but just in case
Hello fellow PEXers! Calling out for LaSallians out there to give me advice/insights about the DCAT, i have a handful of questions since the whole batch just took the exam yesterday in school.

First i chose the following courses for my application:
1st Choice: BS Psychology
2nd Choice: BS Human Biology
3rd Choice: BS Information Technology

I'm a Grade 12 STEM student in a Private school in Makati and our school has a reputation of almost all of it's students getting accepted in DLSU. But anyways, i took the first CET yesterday (1 down, 3 to go) and there were 7 parts and each part had a time limit that ranged from 50 minutes (Math) to 20 Minutes (Personality Test). In almost each part of the exam, i left unanswered items due to not having enough time and since we couldn't go back to the previous pages, i shaded either B or C cause i didn't want to leave a blank item (sayang din sa points!) math is my weakness but i tried my best in answering that part.

My friends and I have been reflecting about the test and i'm kind of scared since those "guessed items" and the uncertainty if i did choose the right answer in some parts of the test will give me an "Accepted" decision when the results come out in the first week of December. Based on the courses i chose, is there a good chance i will be accepted? The current CET of DLSU hasn't been changed since 2009 btw. Should i worry?


  • extranjeroextranjero PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Private school in Makati... this probably is Colegio de San Agustin...

    If you say that your school has a good passing rate for DLSU, then you have high chances of passing as well. Trust me... other students could've screwed the exam worse than you. DLSU really gives difficult entrance exam. But your goal is not to get good grades, but to get better grades than most of the examinees.

    Should you worry?... well let me return the question with, would worrying help you? You've already keyed your answers in. There's no point in worrying right now.
  • COCOLOCO.COCOLOCO. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    BS HUM-BIO is a quota course if i'm not mistaken. If you don't get in BS Psychology then most likely you won't get in HUM-BIO.

    As what extranjero said, the goal is to get better grades than most examinees. No use worrying about the result now. Just focus on your remaining CETs so you'll have more options when all the results are released.
  • Thanks for encouraging me to just wait for the results patiently and to stay positive. I pray everyday since i really want to be admitted in one of the five universities i applied for and at the same time i study hard to end my last year with a clean slate.

    One more question tho, since HUM-BIO is a quota course is it hard to be accepted in BS PSYCH? How many classes/students does the admissions office usually admit for the course?
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