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Indy 4

By now you would've heard of the possible plotlines of the next SW prequels. But what about the rumored 4th episode of Indiana Jones (wc. is an obvious countermove by Lucasfilm against the Tomb Raider movie)? Will it push through? And what will Indy look for next?

Here are the rumored plotlines:

A film version of the Fate Of Atlantis PC game. Indy, together with ex-flame Sophia Hapgood looks for the fabled Lost Continent.

He'll look for the Tower Of Babel. This is the plotline of the upcoming PC game Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Set in 1947, he'll be facing Soviets this time not Nazis. He'll also romp around Area 51 tying it with the UFO crash.

The Spear Of Destiny. The spear that Longinus used to injure Christ is wanted by the Fuhrer. Already tackled in a Dark Horse series, he may try to prevent Hitler from getting his hands on it.

Any more ideas?


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