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College: concerning Subj/unit

Hello I'm new here first of all forgive me if I'm violating some rules in posting

well back to the title, I'm a 2nd year college student transferring to another school, when i was in 1st year 2nd term i got complacent and failed 3 subjects. so i took these subjs again in the 3rd term and manage to pass it with good grades.

The school i want to transfer has of one of the requirements of "Must have no failure in any subject" so im just wandering does my failed subjs that i pass in the 3rd term is counted as still failure?

I think my failed subjs will be recorded in my school records, will these subj affect my GPA?

can i still transfer to this school or nah, I honestly dont know how these system works xD


  • Di ko rin alam ko pano kita matutulungan kapwa ko mag aaral.

    Ako naman gusto kong ituloy ang pag aaral ko. Post Graduate ako. Kahit mga online jobs siguro na magkakaron ako ng income. Baka anyone here can help me?
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