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tax for online freelancers?

sa mga online freelancers, nagfifile po ba kayo ng tax sa BIR? ano requirements para magregister? :hmm:


  • Not all freelancers are required to pay taxes. There are terms and conditions for that matter. Anyways, here are the requirements for registration: 
    • NSO Certified Birth Certificate
    • Community Tax Certificate or Sedula
    • BIR Form 1905 (for those already with TIN Number and are applying for business activity change)
    • BIR Form 1901 (registration form pages 1 and 2 are the forms for self-employed professionals)
    • BIR Payment Form 0605 (the form required for majority of Philippine tax types)
    • Photo Copy of Mayor’s Business Permit (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Business Name (if applicable)
    • Occupational Tax Receipt (if applicable)
    • Professional Tax Receipt (if applicable)
    • Marriage Contract (if applicable)
    • Contract or Company Certification (if applicable)

    Affidavit indicating rates, billings, and service fees (according to BIR Revenue Regulation 4-2014).

    ^Got that information from Taxumo. They help freelancers and business owners pay their taxes at ease. They have online tax calculator, tax computation, tax filing, and a lot more services that cater and help freelancers and business owners regarding their taxes. Read more about freelance tax here:

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