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CCTN 47: SUGO ~ Starring Xyryl Lester Marte and Karlo Manalo




Indie alternative rock artist Xyryl couldn't contain the happiness after having her debut single "CRUSH" released worldwide with its official music video - now available for viewing on WCN Youtube.

Go to https://youtube.com/PagilasWCN

During their shoot for the music video, WCN Insider got the chance to be up-close and personal with Lester Marte's co-star in Puppy Love episode 1: Supreme Girl and Prince Charming.

"I'm just a very simple girl just like other girls out there. I believe in my dreams and I've claimed it. We all should. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. I mean, we can do anything we want to when we are fully aligned to it and if one is perfectly matched to that desire. It is the law of attraction. It cannot be argued."

We were told that on their way to the location shoot, Xyryl and her director Julius Roden saw some female beggars in downtown area. And WCN Insider was very impressed with what this 20-year-old singer turned actress opined.

"Honestly, I don't really feel sorry for them. I mean, a little because they have children with them. Like what I said, nothing is impossible. There are so many ways for them to get out of that circumstance. They can if they really have the strong will. Lilke for example, they can present themselves to a cheap kitchenette or cafeteria to wash the dishes or clean the toilet room or do the laundry. They don't look malnourished. In fact, they look chubby. I don't think they're totally helpless. I'd feel sorry if they were those people in Africa who have nothing to eat or live in remote areas and have to travel miles to fetch water. But they're not."

Xyryl gave WCN Insider a little tease about her upcoming TV project with WCN for CCTN Channel 47.

"She's a strong girl. She's a millennial representation of girl power and yes, she's got some powers."

What kind of powers?

"Uhm hahaha I can't spill more than that. You guys are just gonna have to wait and see. But it's a very nice drama series and I'm very thankful because I'm still working with my director and producer Julius Roden."

A little bit more info about this project please?

"It's a remake. I'll be working with Karlo Manalo and Lester Marte. That's it! Hahaha." the bubbly rock artist revealed.

Xyryl invites all Visayan Music Lovers out there to support Visayan music.

"Hope you guys buy my song online and keep watching and sharing the music video. Thank you."

CRUSH is composed and arranged by Quiel Silva for Julius Roden RECORDS. He also arranged the song INGNA KO and MISTER PLAYBOY of Reycel Punay. These songs are part of the web series turned television series "Puppy Love".


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