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No time going to the gym?

Is there any one who wants to loss weight and have a lean body without spending time going out to the gym?


  • Yes, I enjoy the gym but don't always have the time to do a full session so I've started doing high intensity interval training in the morning and evening, fifteen minutes or so each time. I have read that HIIT is best for losing weight - interesting article here
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    to quote that article "HIIT isn't the alpha and the omega but it can help"

    meaning its not the best
  • when i was working in makati here is my workout plan, it looks easy when reading this plan, but when you do it, this workout plan is super intense. i used to do it 2 sets every other day and personally it worked for me, reducing body fat and gaining muscles. for me this is perfect workout plan the will fit in a 15 minutes and highly recommended for busy professionals.

    1 jump rope / hops if rope don't exists - 60mins
    2 pushups - as long as you can
    3 burpee - 3mins
    4 mountain climber - 90sec
    5 3 minutes rest
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    ^how much bodyfat did you lose and how much muscle did you gain???
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