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Language Learning

bigbicepsbigbiceps Member PExer
Hi guys,

Spirit is very willing but the brain's in constant struggle on approaches towards learning languages.

I am wondering who among here share the same interest in this forum. I prefer Filipino LGBT forum maybe 'coz we can relate better. Maybe you can share your experiences and plans.

Anyway, I have been trying to learn Spanish and spoken mandarin. Though Spanish can be easiest to learn for Filipinos due to shared vocabulary while mandarin is characterized by simple grammar, still, the challenge is as greatly large as the population that speak those languages themselves.

Anyway, so I just recently decided to try Esperanto, one of the easiest to learn (if not the easiest). It is also said to be the gateway towards learning more easily other European languages. I am having fun but I am still looking forward to pursue Spanish and Mandarin again soon.

I am suggesting an online group say whatsapp or viber group just dedicated for this purpose (and if it's okay to share numbers). Maybe those who are fluent already may have an equal passion for sharing and teaching as well.

Hmmm. Any other suggestions?

Or maybe a Line group so to spare sharing private numbers.

Thanks for the time,



  • nathanchunathanchu Buffet Addict PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Oooh cool!

    Basic Mandarin is easy. The challenges are mainly in listening (due to the tonal nature of the language) and writing (hello, 汉字). There's a growing number of Mandarin speakers here in Manila though so finding a language partner can be easy.

    I can converse in Bahasa Indonesia (slang level) which is very similar to Filipino. Thai, I tried. Difficult to grasp. Planning to take up Spanish at Instituto Cervantes.
  • centraldogmacentraldogma Member PExer
    Anyone interested to learn Nihongo, PM Me. :)
  • bigbicepsbigbiceps Member PExer
    Hi Natanchu,
    I also tried Thai and actually attended a class. Like Chinese, it has tones. There are a couple of helpful Thais teaching their language in youtube. :) I wish to mengerti bahasa Indonesia juga (understand Indonesian too?). My partner's from Indonesian btw. Are you orang Indonesia?

    Hello centraldogma,
    Maybe I can connect with you in the future. From what I heard, my impression of the modern Japanese is that they are peace loving people (well minus the atrocities during the WW2 of course). I like the onsen culture as well. Haha.
  • nathanchunathanchu Buffet Addict PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @ bigbiceps

    I attended Thai classes before as well. I only finished level 1. I can haggle in Bangkok. :lol:

    Lo bisa belajar Bahasa Indonesia di UP. Ga sulit. Gw bukan orang Indonesia tapi gw biasa pergi ke Jakarta. (You can study Indonesian in UP. Not difficult. I'm not Indonesian though I usually go to Jakarta.)
  • joweeljoweel Member PExer
    You can practice spanish with me. !Platiquemos pronto! For those interested in learning it, nothing beats Instituto cervantes in makati. Pero since we are in asia, and if you want to make the most of your new language, korean, mandarin y jap?nes are the best to learn.
  • tomo_dachitomo_dachi Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Saan ok mag-aral ng mandarin?
  • bigbicepsbigbiceps Member PExer
    Hi tomo_dachi,

    I happen to find another forum under The Academe. There's this title about mandarin (i also found Japanese and Portuguese).

    I'm also trying to form Spanish practice group.
  • macoy151macoy151 Moderator PEx Moderator
    I'm interested to learn Hindi naman.

    BTW, just sharing these videos:

    Jaya He!

    Vive Le France!

    Forza Italia!

  • nathanchunathanchu Buffet Addict PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tomo_dachi wrote: »
    Saan ok mag-aral ng mandarin?

    Ateneo Confucius. Content is from China's Ministry of Education.

    You can also try the Extramural Language Classes in UP Diliman.
  • emperorjimemperorjim Ching Ching wa wa! PExer
    Hi @bigbiceps
    There's a hard to find bookstore in Binondo behind Hope Christian School called 新華書店/Xin Hua Book Store. You go buy the reviewers for HSK there. As a newbie, I suggest buying the HSK1 reviewer. Select one with a CD. Rip it and play it on your earphones when commuting to work everyday. After a few months if you've learned what you can with HSK1, go get an exam. You'll enjoy it.
  • nathanchunathanchu Buffet Addict PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @ emperorjim

    Iba pa yan sa 新疆 / Sin Jiang? I want to go there to purchase review materials. :P
  • winterfell2013winterfell2013 Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    @bigbiceps I am interested for various reasons but unfortunately as an OFW, I cannot find the time to focus on it. I think the easiest would be if you have a friend who will converse with you all the time using the language you are interested in. I used to study/listen to Pimsleur mp3 as I do not need to use data and it's free, but with the phones at the office constantly ringing, finally I gave up. I can still remember some words though, conversing with someone, at least for me, is the easiest way for words to retain in my long term memory. I tried to join whatsapp group but I always find myself being the oddball, as I often encounter youngsters or people who wants to flirt. 

    Spanish: Even though I love watching Spanish series and movies, still the words I know are still the same and they are just less than 100 words (?) I've never seen nor met any Spanish here since I am in Middle East.

    I am also interested in Mandarin and Nihongo. But I had to set them aside as Arabic will be helpful for me and those languages can wait. But right now my head is spinning. Can you imagine that I am in an Arabic country but I do not have Arabic friends to converse with? My one and only Arabic colleague speaks Hindi and Urdu so I do not learn any Arabic from him. Going to Arabic school requires time and money, I do not have both. So I am self studying. If I am not interested I would have given up a long time ago. This is totally different than Spanish, Mandarin and Nihongo. 

    Arabic has only 28 letters in their alphabet BUT you nee to know the 4 forms of it. The stand alone form, if it is written in the beginning, middle or last of the word. Knowing them by heart still will not be enough, because you need to know their sound as well. For example: the waw in their alphabet sometimes are read as W or OO or UU. Once I read the word I do not even know what it means in English. They teach Modern Standard Arabic that to natives it sounds like they are using the modern english and I, the old english. Indian colleagues are either making fun of me, thinks I am crazy or I am just trying to hard in a negative way. So supportive. 

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