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Would you plan a trip to England?

If you had planned a trip to London right now, with all that is going on and the heightened alert to critical in England, would you still follow through with your travel plans?
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  • No, then I will postpone it because safety it must for traveling. I think most of the travelers should not like to go. There are only 5% chances if someone would like to go through if there is any situation for uncertainty.
  • Well, I have to face such kind of situation that I will surely postpone my plan to visit England because security is most near to me and I will never go there in such kind of situation. I will wait for the sufficient time until that.

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  • josephhindsA, What about you buddy? Let us know what is your own opinion about this situation and what can be your decision for it? We would like to hear yours too.
  • I am going to agree with both of you, Safty is really necessary for all the travelers. In this situation, I also never explored this destination. I will go there when the situation is normal.
  • Yeah Guys, I am planning to go England with my family after finishing my Bus tours from san francisco. Ihope i will enjoy there a lot. Well ll of you are shared great and useful detail about it. You also sahred great tips for traveling. I hope we will follow them and will come back with great memories.
  • Shayan Jack, If you are going to enjoy a tour of England in the next days then I ill suggest you to must explore the all famous attractions of the region to have fun time. Londo Eye and the cruise on it is the most enjoyable thing for me to do there. So, must try it.
  • Many times I had visited in my life with my friends or a few times with my family members on the destination of England. Her my younger sister married and when she invites me and miss us in fear of relatives that time I have to go there for feeling relax to her. I hope so, I will again in my life go there and enjoy my favorite ride here London eye.
  • Adam, I think London is that pl;ace where every traveler ant to go because it is so beautiful and offers amny places for refreshment. If you talk about London Eye then it is really amaming to have a ride and see the sightseeing in such a good way.
  • London Eye is really a worth try thing to do in London and help to make your travel time more exciting for you. I personally love this and would like to say it will be a fun way to go for all others fun seekers like me.
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