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What is the most/least important for you? Looks, intelligence, wealth, body/height?

In particular order
Mine is: 1 being the most priority

My explanation is that. 1st, Intelligence, malayo ang mararating mo kung ikaw ay matalino basta samahan mo lang ng sipag. Studying in U.P College of Law is not a problem and you'll be a Lawyer easily one day. Kung nagkataon pang mayaman ka, pede ka sa Harvard Law or Ateneo Law just like my 1st cousin!

2nd, Wealth, you don't work for money, money works for you. Money is power. You can do everything in the name of money! The impossible for people is not impossible for you if you have money/power. Love me or Hate me, but that is a fact!

3rd, looks. This is what attracts us at first. You can't love a person without being attracted to him/her! Attraction is important in a relationship!

Lastly, Body/Height! This is only an optional. If you have these features, it's a bonus!


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