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Dubai.... The city of dreams

The city of dreams
What will you say guys about this city and things to do there according to you which all travelers should try to do in their travelling time? I hope there will be sweet kind of suggestions and postive replies.

Will love to go with hoover dam and grand canyon combo tour for fun.


  • Well, Tom Jerry, Dubai is called the city of dreams. It is one of the beautiful destinations in the world and also called the center of it due to its importance. People love to go there to fulfill their dreams and enjoy there life. I have also visited it before my niagara falls tours from edison, nj and must say that was an unforgettable time period of my life as I enjoyed there a lot.
  • scorpius85scorpius85 PEx Rookie ⭐
    The start and end point of Dubai is connected via train and have good bus transit too.

    Things to do/ or places to visit (this was 4yrs ago so a lot have changed by now, just a suggestion though)
    Dhow Cruise (Dubai creek) - dinner cruise and Enjoy the sunset and city lights. Food is okay and worth the money for the cruise
    Desert Safari - experience sand dunes, Arab food, belly dancing, rtv. Food is good though not tasty. they served Arab pasta, greens, chicken meat, have your picture taken wearing thawb
    Burj Khalifa - see Dubai landscape at the top of the bldg, watch the water fountain dance show at night
    Dubai Mall - if you just like to spend a day at the mall (short walk from burj Khalifa)
    Mall of Emirates - try indoor skiing
    Burn Al Arab - don't miss out on the cruise
    Jumeirah - beach
    Dubai Marina
    Gold souk for gold jewelries
    And lots more.

    Check out visitdubai.com

    You can tour Dubai in a week or two if you plan your itinerary well. You can hire private lifts if you're not into public transpo and you got limited time visit. Ask the Filipinos around to get a contact of private lift. Lol

    Enjoy and have fun!
  • scorpius85, I will like to say that you have shared a really nice post here about the Dubai and its fun things which are really informative. I am hopeful that Tom Jerry will find this information enough for him and have enjoyable stuff. Nice sharing dude and keep it up.
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