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The city of dreams

Dubai is also called the city of dreams. I love this city and love to go for it. Ever I had lovely time there. I am sure it will be fun time to go for all as recently few of my fiends went there and collect lots of fun memories to share ith others. They also have not differetn vews from me. So guys let me know what do you think about it.

Will love to go with hoover dam and grand canyon combo tour for fun.


  • You are absolutely right Tom Jerry, Dubai is called the city of dreams. I am a huge fan of this city and had visited it just once in my life which was a memorable tour for me. I visited there many attractions and had supreme time. I will love to go there again in future If I got a chance.

    niagara falls tours departing from washington dc offers many majestic places to go for.
  • I have also visited at once in my life Dubai and I sure that its a really nice which city where we can never bore ever. IPts a really awesome for visiting point of view city in the UAE, ?i love to go there again but after ending my virginia garden tour 2016
  • Guys, All of you say right. Dubai is called the Dream city. I also love this city and would like to explore it one time in life but till now, I neve visited this city in my life. I think all of you had spent a great time here. well, I want to know some names of places which are famous there. would anyone like to tell me?
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