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Dudhsagar Falls

I love to see the Dudhsagar Falls that seems more beautiful in monsoon season and leave a refreshing effect on visitors mind.I love to go for it and must say its a breathtaking view to all fun seekers to be there because these days it's a fabulous time to go for it. So stick around if have a plan to go around Asia.

grand canyon and hoover dam day trip was fully fun time for me.


  • Well, I have no plan to go in Asia in these days because MY exams are too near and I have to do a lot of preparations for them. So, I can't go to see the beauty of Dudhsagar Falls. Anyways, Buddy, You don't forget to share your experience of Dudhsagar Falls with all of us after coming back as I will really like to read that.

    Have you any idea enjoyed edison nj to niagara falls bus tour package????
  • I have been visited at once in my life India and that time I had explored its this attraction of Dudhsagar Falls, so let me share with you some images of Dudhsagar Falls, I hope so you will like it.
  • Wow, Adam Smith, I am going to say that you have shared really beautiful images of the Dudhsagar Falls which seems such a fabulous destination for the traveling lovers. The shared views told about the beauty of the place in such a cool way Nicer sharing dude and always keep sharing like this in future.
  • Jamaima! I am feeling so glad to know that you like my sharing stuff here and now I would like to say that you want to see more informative stuff like this about the travelling destinations from all of the members so sure you're this hope will fulfill in future life
  • I am also planning to go there
  • briandixon, I read your post and came to know that you are planning to explore the Dudhsagar Falls in the next days. Sp, must go ahead as it is really a nice places and I am hopeful that it will be a nice time for you.
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